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Video and Transcript Satori Presentation 2015

Every once in awhile I have the privilege to do a presentation at Satori in Fort Worth. This one was in May 2015

Cindy Herb was nice enough to produce the transcript below. 

There are over 15000 words and around 36 pages. There were questions from the audience. Because we did not have an audience microphone, the audio level is very low but audible.

Click here for the Satori 2015 Video

Presenter: Let’s give a warm Satori welcome to Mr. Charles Crooks.

Charles: Thank you very much. It’s wonderful to be here.

In regard to the term ‘shaman,’ I have my own brand of it, as the expression goes and am going to spend about 30 seconds on that topic. That came about as a result of a trip to the West Texas Desert in 1994 after being tested for about a year. And it started because I drew an act that drew the attention of Person A and Person B, resulting in them running configuration checks on me to determine who I was. So, after a year of testing, I go on a normal camping trip because I do that periodically.

And what is interesting about this, is that I had no idea of what I was in for. It took me three and a half years to recuperate from that and a fully 10 years to actually finish the work.

I have been doing healing work since 1974. And one of the standing requests I’ve had is to figure out a way to speed the process up. Back in 1974 or 1976, you could work on somebody and it would take 5 years before you’d get anything done. And I’m impatient. I want it now. I followed the maple rule. Remember the little kid with maple…” I want my maple, I want my maple now.” Well, there you go. See.

Anyway, as a result of taking this nice little [desert] journey and all that, I became involved in a tradition that has no name and started in China. So, when I took the journey, I became aware of a lot of stuff. And that added to the abilities I already had because way back in 1983 I had figured out a way to reprogram the Intellect. I actually started back in 1974, but aside from that, it’s another story.

Anyway, what I’d like to do is describe the nature of essence, what happens when we come into the body, why the Intellect makes its determinations and how it basically puts everything where it needs to put it. Okay.

So, let’s start off with a basic idea. And [as a side-note], I would have to make the comment for the last 4 or 5 thousand years, almost every major religion has adopted the policy or process or belief that ‘all things are part of the light of God and no thing is separate.’ Okay. Now, that causes a problem because [right now] everybody is running around thinking they are separate. Heck of a note, isn’t it?

It’s not a problem, really when you look at it. It’s [simply] the way the system works and I’ll explain how that got started. Let’s consider for a moment that if everything is part of the light of God and no thing is separate, therefore, perfection exists in that. Therefore, all matter, light, space, time, essence, you, I and breath are running or operating on this perfection that permeates all things. Okay.

[However], light and matter is formed. That’s the reason light and matter can be modified. Perfection cannot be had through the physical means. It cannot be had through any means that is basically limited by the essence of matter and/or light and/or Intellect because all these things are formed by the Word which brought it into existence.

Now, even though we can’t have perfection or calculate it—Pi is a good example: it tastes good but you can’t calculate that puppy. Right? So, even though you can see it, you can feel it, you live in it, you can’t calculate it through the physical attributes because (1) everything is formed. So, it creates a little bit of a problem.

But there’s a solution. As they say on the TV commercials, “But, wait there’s more!” So, let’s go a little further on this. So, if that is the baseline and everything is part of the Whole, and no thing is separate, therefore, all things including the light of God, including all angels, everything that exists occurs here (he points to his forehead). [It occurs] between the ears and behind the eyes. All things are within.

So, what is my job? My job [as a shaman] is to show you where you have it stashed. I can’t present to you anything that you don’t already know. It’s already here (pointing to his forehead). The key is: where in the closet have you got it stashed?

But, let’s have a little fun with this okay? At the same time [that] we are doing all this, we have to look at what happens when we decide to come into the body. Let’s take a look at the possibility that when we come into the body, we have already decided what we are going to do [in this lifetime].

So, let’s just imagine we are with a bunch of our buddies and angels and all that up in the heavenly world. We’ve got one of those big displays—kind of like a really complicated McDonald’s [display]—where you choose this, yeah, I want that and I want this. I want these type of parents, I want this and I want that…yeah, that would be pretty good. I’d like to get that taken care of.

This is all recorded in your astrological chart. That’s why you can talk to a good astrologer and they can tell you about your parents, your past relationships, the whole bit.

So, you make all those choices and now it’s time [to implement]. You have basically set it up because you want to have these [certain] opportunities. Then, you walk up to the edge [of heaven] and there’s a big old funnel here (pointing to an area in front of him). [At this point], you are looking down and saying, “Oh man, I am really excited about coming down here [to the earthly plane] as I can get a lot done, I can really advance my character, I can advance my soul. This is really cool.”  Boom! (pointing down). You feel the boot and you are on your way down.

However, on the way down, you forgot everything that you were [planning] to do. Adding insult to injury, what happens is that when you take the first breath into the body. The body is basically sitting here [in the earthly plane] waiting for you. And when you take your first breath you become sentient. When you become sentient you also realize something else:  the brain is empty. And nothing works. Now do you understand why babies cry? I mean, who wouldn’t? Right?

At the same time, we are looking out and as we look out, we see the universe and its perfection. We see God’s work. We see the Light and we see the perfect balance of all things and everything in perfect harmony with all things to one another. And it’s by law that everything can be modified or looked at and to be understood. Okay.

But, the Intellect has a problem. Since it’s [the Intellect] already formed, it only has itself to collect information from the five senses. Because all it [the Intellect] has is five senses. It looks around and sees the universe and says, “Hey, you know what? Nothing works. The universe is great and magnanimous. Therefore, in order to protect the body, in order to be able to stay on this planet, and to protect the body at all costs, I need to protect the body at all costs, so what do I need to do? I need to collect everything I possibly can so that I become equal to or greater than that which I perceive.” So, good idea, huh? Right? Seems really simple. “I am just going to go ahead and pick all this information up.”

Alright, so let’s start with the five senses. How many of you have done that experiment where you draw two straight lines of equal length with one having the arrows on each end of the line pointing in and the other line with the arrows on each end pointing out? And when you look at them together, the mind tells you they are different lengths? Right? Five senses not that good.

Or, how about this one. I was a victim of this one, okay? What they did because I’m that type of person that says, “Yeah, I’ll go ahead and do that!” Anyway, what they did was take some sweet onions and mash them up like applesauce. And then they took a bowl of applesauce. And then they gave me a nose plug. And I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Right? However, when they pulled the nose plug off, my sinuses were clearer for a week.

So, the five senses aren’t very accurate. They are subject to misinterpretation. Okay.

Now the next thing the Intellect does is say, “Now, wait a minute! I am trying to protect the body at all costs. I need to figure out where I can find perfection because it’s separate from me.” See that’s the first judgement.

So anyway, [the next thing] the Intellect does is say, “Let me try the parents and see if they’ve got their act together. They may have perfection, as after all, they are feeding me.” Right. That’s got to be good. Fair? Okay. And then we find out that they don’t have perfection. “Well, let’s try religion. They claim they have perfection.” [We find out that] they don’t have it. And then we try society. However, it doesn’t work either. So, what’s an inspiring Intellect to do? I mean, after all, it has to protect the body at all costs, right?

Well, what it does is start a process of assumption. Now, that’s an equation. X + Y = 4. Since there is no constant, even though the Intellect swims in the perfection of this constant, it doesn’t have the ability to realize it. It is kind of like a fish swimming in the water—it doesn’t know it’s swimming in the water. It doesn’t have the ability to take the molecules apart and understand that. So as the Intellect is attempting to collect this information, it has an equation that basically says, X+Y = 4. So therefore, let me run the process of assumption. And as we all know, has anybody ever found an assumption to prove itself out? No. Assumptions don’t work—in math or any other factor. They don’t work.

But wait, there’s more. Now remember earlier when I said the Intellect considers the universe separate from itself? That is a judgment based upon assumption. So now, the first issue is that the Intellect is saying, “I’m separate from the Whole.” Therefore, the Whole is a threat to me because nothing works in this little bitty body. Therefore, as a result, I need to protect the body at all costs. Therefore, everything outside of myself is dangerous. So, I must become equal to or greater [than everything].

Now, there’s another little thing that goes along with this. That’s called the caveman response. That echoes back to the days when all cavemen were running around and all that…you know basically, we’ve got our spears and the whole bit. And as we are walking along the path, the next thing you know we hear a noise. We’re going to run. Okay. We’re going to split. That’s all there is to it. Remember that famous line, “Feet don’t fail me know.” We don’t care if it’s a raccoon or a saber-toothed tiger. We are in trouble and we are out of there. So anyway, the Intellect has another program that basically says, “I need to be fearful and respond in fear to anything that I do not know what it is.” Therefore, as a result, any new information is dangerous. Okay.

So, let’s get back to the judgment and the assumption. Alright. From every assumption comes judgment. And, if every assumption or judgment is incorrect—meaning we are separate from each other—because if that was true, I would not be aware of you. You see?  Because I’m cognizant of all things, including you are also cognizant of all things—good, bad, ugly, good movies, bad movies, the whole bit. Guess what? It’s all within. And it gets even more fun.

So anyway, here’s another word I like to play with—should. Alright. But, here’s one of my favorite statements, “Let’s see now, I’m so guilty for being so stupid. I should have known that person was a dodo head!” Right? How often have we done that one? So anyway, the whole statement is incorrect because guilt requires malice. Right? So, most people don’t qualify for guilt. That’s the other funny thing. They really don’t. When you really look at it, most people don’t qualify for guilt. But you see, it’s based upon assumption, which has brought about a judgement, which degrades ourselves.

So, if we look at Direct Language, when I say, “I should have done something,” translated to Direct Language means, “I’m an idiot, make it so.” So, consequently, I try to get everybody to replace the word ‘should’ with ‘doodoo.’ It’s fun and it gets you out of the habit [of using the word ‘should’]. The correct way to make that statement is, “If I had different information, then I never would have gone out with that guy or person.” You see? So, you cannot be held responsible for what you do not understand.

So, let’s go back to the individual collecting information. Because the Intellect is trying to protect the body at all costs, it has to figure out how it can do some housekeeping and make things work. Well, since everything is part of the Whole, and nothing is separate, then the universe is harmonic in nature. Therefore, you have got the Father Attributes and the Mother Attributes. Okay.

Let’s look at Father [Attributes]. Father has to do with money, power, respect, health, strength and credibility—the Tarzan thing. You get the idea. Well, I’m in a good mood tonight.

Anyway, the Mother Attribute has to do with long-term relationships, respect, quality, children, reputation, power behind the scenes, indirect force, family and nurturing. Okay.

So again, they work within each other. And let me throw this out there, just for the fun of it. Okay. When Light existed, expanded and multitudinous became its forms, Love became known. When Love became known, Light found Love to be joyous and fruitful. Therefore, Light and love joined. Life is a result of that. So, Life comes from that joining. I just thought I’d throw that out there, really quick like.

So anyway, as the Intellect was collecting information, it put things in either the Father side or the Mother side. But the other problem is that the Intellect makes a lot of mistakes.

Let me give you an example. I had a lady come to me in one of my classes in 1997. I was doing classes over in Irving. And she said that every boyfriend that she ever knew had within six months beat her. And I said, “Well, okay, this looks interesting. I’ve got to take a look and see what this is.” Right? So, as it turned out, when she was about 3, 4 or 5 years old—I forget the exact age—she goes to meet her dad every day, after he came home from work. “Daddy! Daddy!” You know how little kids are—they really want to see their parents. But one day, he rebuffed her. And when he rebuffed her, he does so abruptly.

Well, at that age, all she has is this awareness of the four walls—the house. So, she concludes that she must have done something to make daddy angry. If she did something to make daddy angry, then she must have done something wrong. And if she did something wrong, she needs to be punished. Now that logic is perfect. It’s correct based upon the information at that time. A ten-year old would understand that Dad had a bad day at work. You see. So again, based upon the limited information a person had at that time [gave them that incorrect] conclusion. I pulled that belief. She’s never been touched again. Okay. That’s a typical example.

How often have you seen…let’s go back to our days in high school—how many of you met or have known a woman—smart, beautiful, intelligent—going out with a guy you know is going to be in jail in six months? Okay. Let’s look at the Mother Attribute. Okay. If somebody says the Mother Attribute is dangerous for one reason or another—let’s say mother is subservient. And you say [or conclude that] mother is dangerous. So, as a result of that, I’ve got to reject anything that mother represents. So, in my reality and in my Intellect, I put all the Mother Attributes in a cave and lock them down with a bunch of guardians around it. Okay. So, I got this thing going on. Alright. So, the next thing that happens is that my reality shifts. And what happens is I basically tell the universe, “Anybody who would allow me to play the role of mother is not permitted [in my life]. Therefore, allow me to be attracted to nutcases.” Okay.

And on top of that, we’ve got a big hole in our energy. And we’re telling the universe, “Aw man! I know I don’t have the Mother Attribute in my because I’ve got it locked in the cave. So, I need you to bring me somebody that I can heal.” I need to prove to the universe how good of a healer I am. So, they also bring in individuals and they keep trying to heal people and heal people and heal people. And it doesn’t work because they are trying to fill that hole. Because their reality says, “If these things are separate from me, then that’s my law. That’s my reality. That’s my prayer.” Okay.

Now, let’s look at the Father side of things just for a minute. Okay. Anybody remember Winona Ryder—2 million dollars in the bank and she gets caught stealing $200 worth of clothes? Okay. Father represents money, power, respect, health and credibility. Right? Okay. So, here’s the deal on that. She doesn’t need the clothes, but she takes them anyway because she has this big hole in her energy associated with father.

And guess what? She takes them, but she never keeps them. For example, any teenager who’s got issues on the Father side, they’re going to steal things left and right. But, they’ll never keep it because if they kept it they would violate their law that the attributes of Father are not part of them.

So, let me give you a couple of symptoms that you can recognize quite easily when somebody has issues on the Father side. And again, these are not faults. These are lousy calculations of the Intellect. Okay. Fault doesn’t apply here. Let California keep them [faults]. Okay. I don’t know if they’ll let me back in after that statement.

Anyway, so the Intellect is basically stating that, “the attributes of Father are not part of me, make it so.” So, therefore, anything having to do with money, power and respect is rejected. There’s two things that happen also on top of that. That is, when we see anything representing Father—money, power, respect, corporations, government or whatever—we are at war with it automatically. We are at war with it automatically. We try to take it down. Okay.

So, this is not a fault. It’s a series of programs. Let me explain how these programs are realized by the Intellect because we have to do a little bit of Boolean algebra here for a second. So, let me explain what Boolean algebra is. In 1865, an algebra of logic was brought out. And the idea was to basically compare things. And every integrated circuit, every computer and every watch requires a Boolean algebra map to this this. So, if you’ve ever looked at, or programed a robot or that type of stuff, you’ve got to use Boolean algebra. Basically, it’s a series of tests according to the type of gauge you design. So, the Intellect uses what is called an AND gate. Okay. And an AND gate can be equivalent to…let’s say we have an AND gate—I’ve got two fingers here (pointing to the space between two fingers), that’s an AND gate…that’s A (pointing to one finger) and B (pointing to another finger) and the output C (pointing to an area somewhere else). Right? So, that means for C to be true, A and B must be true. That’s an AND gate. Okay? If A is true and B is not true, then C will not be true. Okay? That’s just pure logic.

When you look at the Intellect, I can actually take a Boolean algebra expression and block diagram anybody’s memory and every event they went though from the time they took the first breath because everything goes back to pure logic based upon information that is compared to the database of the Intellect. Okay? So, the Intellect is collecting information. Remember?

I’m going to go ahead and change directions here in a second because there’s going to be a lot to absorb. But, the Intellect, when it is first collecting information, since it has to make assumptions, since it doesn’t have the point of perfection, then everything that the Intellect collects is the best guess. Everything on the table—the flat file database—is subject to interpretation and also, more than likely incorrect.

So, when everything is presented to you—comes to you—the next thing that happens is that you make comparisons based upon what you’ve collected to determine the nature of the event that you’re realizing. As a result, if the data that you have collected is subservient—in other words, cannot be relied upon or does not have that point of perfection—then the data is going to be wrong and so a lot of mistakes are made.

So that’s what I’m talking about regarding the issue that fault has nothing to do with it. It’s a lousy system. Simple as that. Okay?

But wait, it gets better. All this time, we have another source. For example, let me talk about the Inner and Outer Self for a second. Okay? Our physical eyes are on Channel 11. Our psychic eyes are on Channel 13. Our Intellectual thoughts are on Channel 11. Our collective consciousness, our realizations are on Channel 13. They are [both] there all the time. It’s a matter of which one do you want to give attention to.

Now, when I do a session with somebody, at the end of the session I do some true/false questions on an area that they have no way of knowing. I like to use California because I’m a boater. And I’ll basically bring up stuff that they have no way of knowing. And the funny thing about is that once they let go and start tuning into their Inner Self, Boom, that true/false answers come out.

The accuracies we’re looking at are at 100%. I mean even with such simple things. I basically laid one on one person the other day. I said, “Okay. Maximum authorized speed for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail line from Fort Worth to Ardmore, Oklahoma is 85 miles per hour.” She said, “false.” She was spot-on. She had no way of knowing that.

You see because it doesn’t matter. We’re not looking for whether you are smart enough to figure this out. The idea is that you cut loose and let go and you tune in. And that’s when the Gnostic process or the gnosis comes forward and you have access to all the knowledge in the universe. Okay.

Now, I’m looking at the brain meters and a lot of them are starting to fill up. I see one going, “You’re kidding me! Please more?” No, we can’t do that. Anyway, what I’d like to do for a minute is just kind of give you an idea of what I do when I do a session. Okay?

Now, if you remember, I said that as the Intellect collects everything, it puts it in a cave and locks it down since [its reasoning is] ‘I’m doing this to protect the body at all costs.’ So, therefore [the Intellect] knows that I have authority. Right?

Have you ever wondered why you hear about people going to all these healers, [doing] all these forgiveness exercises and all this for 15, 20, 30 years and every time, it’s okay for a couple of weeks, maybe a week, and then they’re back where they were [before]? This is not a fault issue…not a fault issue at all. This is not a guilt issue. This is not a talent issue. All it is that the individual doing the work doesn’t know how to sneak up on the Intellect.

Notice the word I use is ‘sneak up’ on it. There’s a reason for that. Because when I do work, what I do is I’ll actually find…in other words, I’ll ask you to hold onto—and we’re going to do a session here tonight. Okay? And what I’ll actually have you do is I’ll have you hold onto an emotion. I’m going to go ahead and open up a window. Not Microsoft, but my own. Okay. And then I’m going to go in there and I’m going to find all these thought energy matrixes. They kind of look like a hairball—only really big. And they’re alive too. It’s really a trip. So sometimes, if I need to, I can read them, but it’s really boring.

So anyway, I’ll open up a window and I’ll find them where they’re located and I’ll pull them out. And I’ll encapsulate them. When I encapsulate them, then I’ll disassemble them. Once I disassemble them, I’ll turn them into dust. And when I turn them into dust, I’ll turn them back to ones and zeros, so to speak—into light. When that is done, then it is gone permanently. I don’t have to do it twice unless I miss it. (Muddled question from the audience).

Yes. What I’ll do is when I open up a window and I’ll have you hold onto an emotion, like an assault or something like that. Okay. Betrayal is also a big one, by the way. And I’m also thinking. Laughter. So anyway, it’s good to be that way. Okay.

So anyway, I’ll open up a window and I’ll find out where it’s located because the whole idea is to be able to find out where these thought energy matrixes are located. And once I find it—because the reason I have you hold onto it is because when I go crawling around somebody’s mind, I’ve got the planet Mars, Jupiter, you know—all kinds of stuff in there. So, I need to find an area where I can pull these out. And once I pull them out, then I can work on them.

So, I will pull the thought energy matrix forward. I’ll encapsulate it so I don’t make a mess. I like to be neat, okay. And then, once I encapsulate it, I’ll disassemble it. And when I disassemble it, there’ll be no more. And basically, I’ll turn it into dust and neutralize it with light. And when you neutralize it with light, it no longer exists.

So, yes, you’ll have the memory because each memory is like a file folder. It’s a pocket in the emotions that defines a reality. That is the power behind it. So, what I’m doing is that I’m not erasing memory. What I’m doing is I’m moving the emotional component out of it so it’s no longer of any consequence, like reading a book. That’s the neat thing about it.

And the neat thing about it is, again, fault has nothing to do with it. All it is calculations, based upon best guess. So, all those years you spent trying to do this or that or whatever the case is, it’s not a fault issue. You didn’t have the tools necessary to accomplish the task. That’s all that is. Nothing more, nothing less. And that’s one of the reasons we get rid of judgment. That’s why I replace judgment with doodoo.

Question from audience: What, I’m sorry?

I replace judgment with doodoo or ‘should’ with ‘doodoo’ because judgment is an act of war. Because basically you’re assuming that something is lesser or greater than yourself. And as a result, if you’re making a judgment of somebody—that’s a should type thing. And as a result, it’s an act of arrogance.

So, the idea is basically to turn judgments to the point of observation, where you say, “Okay. Fine. I see that bank robber and the bank robber is within me.” Right? Because I’m cognizant of the bank robber. The only reason I’m not robbing banks because that stuff bores the beans out of me. I’m not superior to the bank robber. Okay. So again, the reason you’re doing certain things different than other people or attempting to do good work or whatever the case is because you have an interest in it. Not because you’re superior to anybody else or anything of that sort. Okay. So, let me stop at this moment for second.

Let me just kind of open it up for some questions and see if anybody’s got any questions. (An audience member holds up their hand). Yes. What can I do for you?

Question: So, you’re saying that any negative emotional residue that we’re holding, we created it from a false assumption or judgment? Right?

Charles: Let me rephrase that a little differently. Okay? First of all, I don’t like to use the words ‘negative’ and ‘positive.’ Let me explain why. White light to a demon is very negative. Okay. So, negativity and positivity is based upon a person’s perspective. So, let me replace it with constructive and destructive. Now, constructive has to do with love, understanding, compassion, honesty, honor and humility. The means justifies the ends in all matters. Those are constructive attributes. Those are the attributes that enhance the qualities of humanity. Okay. Destructive or arrogance, not ego, selfishness, superiority, separateness—those type of things—those are destructive. Now, in looking at your question, when you look at it from that perspective [of negativity], it gives us cause to run a guilt trip on ourselves. Okay. So, what I would like to do is to look at it a little differently. So, basically…let me throw this out and see what you think. Because I didn’t have certain information or understanding, I went through an experience in which I had one heck of a temper tantrum and I was upset for a long period of time. Now. Am I culpable here? Am I the initiator of that or am I reacting to something I don’t know? You see. So now we’re taking a little bit differently and we’re basically taking the idea of, you know, ‘I’m a bad person because I had all these negative thoughts. Yeah, sure I wanted to put them on a voodoo doll thing and put a bunch of pins in it. But, I didn’t.’ You see. So, the idea is that a lot of times when we react, we react to an assault. And when we are threatened, it’s an assault. So, therefore, we have every right to react in any means necessary that gives us some sort of comfort but also allows us to address a situation. So, my suggestion on these matters is that let us not give attention to the event and somehow, we were ‘responsible’ for it. Let us move on and dissolve it and have it no longer be a burden. Does that help out a little bit?

Response: Yeah

Charles: Okay. Good. Any other question. (Audience member raises hand). Yes. Yeah.

Question: Well, yeah. There’s the second part. It’s like we are all really innocent, it’s just that we don’t know it because at some point we made this wrong judgment call. So, what you do is kind of restore us back to that innocence?

Charles: I personally am not comfortable in using the term that we are all basically innocent. Okay. And the reason is because in the successive lifetimes that we’ve had, the purpose is to become fully cognizant of the physical condition…and doing that time and time again…and eventually getting to the point where we no longer have an interest and then we’ll move onto another world. Okay. So, the desire to learn, to understand and go through experiences is not a matter of assault or not a matter of not being innocent. It’s a matter of ‘I want to establish the character, I want to learn of these things’ and when I am no longer interested in this work here, then I’ll move on. That’s a little different way of looking at it. Kind of the whole idea is that the only time I think guilt or innocence is appropriate is basically when you’re driving too fast on the road and you can get away with it. Laughter. (Another person raised their hand). Yes.

Question: Aren’t all these harsh experiences things that we need in order to mold our spirit?

Charles: That’s a fair question. And I want to modify that just a little bit. And I agree with you overall. Okay. So, here is one way to look at it. Okay. Bad people or resistance is needed to force us to get our act together. Humans are essentially lazy. Alright. Now, those who have taken on an accelerated path will basically have more than their usual share of tough experiences. Okay. And you can see it in your astrological chart. Now, even though we don’t like the experiences we have gone through and even though we may not like the people we’re dealing with when we’re going through these things and stuff like that. The fact is, the real question we have to ask is, “where are we today?” And if we are attempting to work a constructive and/or spiritual path, then where are we today? What is our motivator? What set us up here? Ahhh. That person hit me in the shins. [He] taught me how to move my leg. See? So, I do not hold the war or resentment to those that worked against me and tried to destroy me when I was younger. But, I find that they were necessary to move me in a different direction. That kind of help you out on that?

Response: Yes.

Charles: Okay. (Another audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: Does this work on just like one…do you take one traumatic event or whatever…or could it work on something that was instilled in you—a belief, a negative belief about yourself throughout your childhood?

Charles: Oh yeah. Even past lifetimes. I had a guy come in one time…it was really kind of neat…this guy came in and he believed he owed the Church. Okay. And ever since he was 3 or 4 years old, he believed he owed the Church. It was that basically he owed the Church and then God rejected him. And that was his belief. So, what’s interesting about that. I went ahead and looked back. And let’s go back around 1400, 1500, I believe it was…I forget the exact time. But anyway, I look back and sure enough he was in a group that was going to get attacked by the bad guys around the corner. And the local guys at the church said, “You know, you got this battle, you know, the next morning. As long as the battle is the next morning, if you do a lot of prayer and God finds you worthy, He’ll protect you.” So, that’s what the story was. So anyway, he goes to battle the next morning and, of course, he prayed all night and the whole bit so he’s probably tired, but he goes to battle the next morning and he gets walloped on the head. Before he has a chance to finally die, he concludes that God has rejected him. So, somebody throws a spear through him because he’s just sitting there and that’s the end of that. So anyway, I get a hold of that…so yeah, we can fix that. We took care of it in about 10 minutes. So yeah. That’s quite easy. And sometimes it’s pretty interesting. I pull all kinds of things out of people. I pull shrapnel, cannonballs, arrows, knives, daggers, and all kinds of stuff. It’s a trip. Yeah. So, it’s doable. And the other thing too, whether you believe in past lives or not, it really doesn’t matter, per se, because if I find the origin of something that’s embedded…that you basically had from the time of birth and all that, I’ll get it anyway. All I need is permissions. Okay.

Question: All you need is what?

Charles: Permissions. Because everything is based upon permissions. (Some people raised their hands). Your hand was up first (pointing to one person in the audience) and then you’re next (pointing to another person in the audience). Okay.

Question: I was told at an early age that I would be instrumental in getting people in and out of drug rehab. I’m fed up. I’m tired of dealing with alcohols and drug addicts in my life. I am tired of caring for them. Can you help me get rid of negative patterns in caring for these people? And what does it do if I don’t do it and shift and if I don’t care for these people?

Charles: Okay. There’s a different way of looking at it. There’s two types of ways of caring for people. Okay. One is to try and coddle them and take care of them and meet their needs. The other one is making is making it profitable for them to move in a different direction.

Question: Well, I understand co-dependence. What I’d like to…it’s not something I even think about. It wakes me up in the middle of night. So, it’s a neurological pattern. It’s more deep rooted than that. Can you help me with that?

Charles: Yeah. We can fix that. Yes. It’s fixable. Yeah, because I’m taking another look at it. Let me look at something else really quick like (he appears to be looking at an invisible screen as he is talking). Yeah.

Question: I’ve had an astrologer tell me I do this. And I’ve done it seven times. I don’t know where I’ve got this and why I do it.

Charles: Yeah. Okay. Bored. It has to do with validation.

Question: Mine?

Charles: Partly yours and also a different process. Okay. Yeah, we can take care of that. (Another audience member raises hand). Yes?

Question: So, you hone in on what’s catalyzing this in an individual. And doing so neutralizes it? Is that how it works?

Charles: Well no. Here’s how that works. Okay. Let’s say that you’ve got some betrayal in this lifetime. Okay. Let’s say you’ve got…Now, there’s two types of betrayal, I forgot to mention. Okay. And let me answer your question, but I also wanted to define the two types of betrayal. Okay. There’s inadvertent betrayal and let me explain the cause for that. Let’s say you have a five-year old who’s going to be a baseball game, an end of the season baseball game. And he gets his father on a Wednesday afternoon to promise, pinky promise and all that, to be there to watch them do this game. It’s really important for the five-year old. [His] father gets a call the next day and has to get on a plane and go to Europe to resolve an issue. [Therefore, he’s] not there [and] the five-year old says, “betrayal.” He’s hurt. That’s inadvertent betrayal. Overt betrayal is where somebody does an assault. Okay. So, there are two types of betrayal on that. But I wanted to kind of touch on that. Now, what I do is I’ll basically…you know, we’ll talk a little bit on a regular session and all that…I’ll get a little bit of information. But, generally, what I’ll have you do is I’ll have you hold onto an emotion associated with a keyword. And a lot of times, what I’d like to do [is] I like to do almost like a shotgun. So, I’ll do a quick look. See, yeah, we’ve got a betrayal over here. But, while you’re thinking about betrayal, I’ll go in there and I’ll find everything else I can. It’s kind of like a big Kirby vacuum cleaner. I’ll find everything I can here, then pull it in here and dissolve it. And we’ll get a few other things at the same time because I like to, you know, if I can get it all in one shot, I will.

Question: How do you find it?

Charles: I look around. I’m nosy. (Laughter)

Question: No. I mean, do you have clairvoyance, is that what it is?

Charles: Well, I open up a window like this (motioning with his hands) and I look around to see what’s going on. Yeah. That’s why I say they are my windows, they are not Microsoft. (Audience member responds Okay). Oh yeah, it’s pretty neat. (Another audience member raises hand). Yes. Go ahead.

Question: I think you just answered it, but I want to make sure I understand. For instance, I know some experiences I went through last month that were triggers about what you are talking about. But, like even tonight, I’m wondering which one I’ll hold onto while you look. So, what I’m wanted to know is…will you, even if I’m not really cognizant of what the most core one is, is that your intent to help me get that core problem so that you’re being efficient?

Charles: That’s pretty neat.

Response: You know, we may not have a good awareness right now…that’s why I am so happy to be here now.

Charles: Yeah. Well, when you look at it, let’s say we have five particular items. Okay. One primary item and five sub items. And let’s say that on the particular items, in order to take care of the primary item, you have to go through the experiences of items one, two, three, four and five…to get those done and out of the way so you’ll be able to handle the change with the core item gets taken care of. So, I can’t make a judgment on that and nor I will not make a judgment on that. But, I wanted to bring up that sometimes you run into those type of scenarios. So, the idea is that if I can get authority to go after something, I’ll get the core. No ifs, ands or buts, because again, I’m trying to get 100%...but I can’t do that yet. Okay. [I usually get about 70%]. It was down to 65%, but I’m up to 70%. [Usually] one session gets the job done.

Response: And I certainly respect layers. Because sometimes if you went through the bottom layer…the most core…you might not be ready for it today. I mean that’s just my theory.

Charles: Yeah. Well, for example, I had a person come to me once and I’m going to be very brief in this. But, basically, she had a big lump on her throat. She asked me if I could fix it. I said no, call me in a year. A year later, my card pops out of her purse. And she actually comes over and I fix it. Turns out, the guy she was involved with, the attraction was unbelievable. But, the guy was a nutcase. So, she had to divorce him. In order to divorce him, she had to turn this [pointing to his body) off, so she locked up her throat center. Okay. So, we have those situations. So, sometimes removing something prematurely is a real problem. That’s why we don’t have the judgment issue. (audience member responds, “Thank you.”) That’s why it’s always permissions. Okay. Any other questions or anything. (an audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: How do you get the authority?

Charles: I asked. For example, if I spot something…I’m looking around there and all that…oh yeah, I see some items over here. Do I have your authority to pull it? And if you give me authority, great. If not, I move on. Okay.

Question: Why wouldn’t we give you authority?

Charles: Sometimes because of (1) safety.

Question: But, if we’re there to be cured? Of what are we afraid?

Charles: Well, we…yes and no. Okay. Because what you’re speaking of is kind of a delicate matter. And the reason is because (1) we can’t make a determination whether if somebody comes to me and if they want to get this work done, okay. [But], how far do they want to take it. In other words, how much do they want to do? So, I can’t make a judgment. All I can do is get as much work as done as possible. And that’s really kind of the key right there. So, I can’t make a judgment just because somebody’s sitting in that chair across from me. That well, yeah, they need everything removed. Uh-uh-uh-uh no. I can’t do that and I will not. So, there are times when it’s important to recognize that sometimes you have to have someone two or three times, so we can go ahead and take care of it.

Question: But if they tell you to go for it, you go?

Charles: Yeah. Once I get authority, you betcha. Yeah. (Laughter). Hey, you know the neat thing about is that I can do this…mostly when I have somebody come to the office, they are always six feet away from me, so I don’t need to crawl all over you to get this done. Okay. (Laughter). And the other neat thing about it is, if you’re over in some other part of the country, I can do that. The farthest I’ve worked on anybody is India. And it didn’t slow anything down either. Get the joke. You know, as long distance. (Another audience member raises hand). Yes.

Question: Do you see images. How do you recognize things…is it in words?

Charles: No. No. I actually see what’s going on. If I need to, I can read the thought energy matrix that’s existing in there. And I can describe the nature of the assault…the whole shooting works, who was involved in the whole bit, if I need to. That’s boring to me because I’d rather just get the thing dissolved.

Question: What does ‘dissolved’ mean to you?

Charles: Dissolved? No longer exists.

Question: So, if you get to something that I would consider an assault, like you said, you see it. You mean you make it no longer exist.

Charles: Yeah. Just as that. I’ll actually take the emotional component of that, which is in that thought energy matrix I talked about, because it’s built by the Intellect. And the Intellect put it there because it said, “I need to protect the body.” Therefore, I’m going to keep it there because this is my way to protect the body and prevent it from happening again. Okay. So, then I’ll pull it out and disassemble it, and then I’ll turn it into dust. And then, this way, I’ll go ahead and neutralize it with light. And when I’m done, it’s permanently removed. The memory will still be there, but the emotional won’t.

Question: So, the memory will be there, but not the emotional?

Charles:  It will be like reading a newspaper. When we’re ready we’ll do that. Okay. Any other questions or anything?

Question: Okay. Is there a void?

Charles:  It’s kind of strange. I’ve had people, like Marines, fall asleep in the chair. Because what happens is that when I pull something, especially from somebody who’s got a lot of anxiety associated with it, what happens is that they have these little guardians around it, and when I do that also the mind says, “Hey, I can do that, I can stand down, I can go to sleep now.” And they do. Yeah. It’s a trip. And the reason is because you no longer need to keep that thought energy matrix running or that program running. And so, it is kind of strange. I’ve had some strange looks from people. And if I videotape the sessions, you will see what I mean. I mean, all of a sudden, I get a look [from them that says], “Awww, where’d it go?” (Laughter). It’s really strange and it’s a lot of fun.

Question: Are you doing a lot of post-traumatic stress work?

Charles: Sexual assault is a form of post-traumatic stress. Yeah, I do that.

Question: But not a lot with the vets?

Charles:  No, they don’t know about me. I don’t advertise other than on my website and the occasional thing like this. Yeah. And although I understand, I have worked on a couple of people that have done military patrols. And you have individuals that will hold guilt from WWI or WWII because (1) they had a group of guys in there and intelligence told them, “Well, there’s nobody on that ridge, go up to that ridge.” Next thing you know, they get wiped out. And so, anybody who’s a squad leader cares for his guys and he really feels bad about the fact that he’s lets them down. So, he’s carrying that guilt. Well, [if] that comes across my table, I’ll take care of it. I’ll remove that. But actually, I’ll go and watch the whole scenario. And I’ve done that before too. (An audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Response:  I was just going to say, you might also say that you [the person being worked on] might also yawn for two days. He worked on me and I yawned and slept for two days.

Charles: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah, that’ll do it. Yeah.

Response: It could have other effects too.

Charles: Yeah. Also, the other thing too, while I’m in there, if I see any critters, I’ll pull them too.

Question:  Critters?!

Charles: Yeah, demons…eels, you know, that type of stuff. There’s really about three types. Some of them put up a really good fight. I haven’t had any of those….

Question: Does everybody have critters?!

Charles: No. No. No. Every once and awhile I run into them. It’s rare, you know. There are two types of…a lot of times, somebody will have an emotional trauma associated with something. What they’ll do is they’ll create a pseudo critter and it’ll act just like it, but it won’t have intelligence. And I’ll pull…dissolve all that. And then on the other side, you’ll have individuals who basically got into a situation where their energy was so weak that they became a magnet. And they walk by the wrong person at the wrong time [and] boom, you got a hitchhiker. And all the critters do is just basically feed off your energy. You know, kind of keep you a little tired. And so, it’s not a big deal, you know. Like I say, about one or twice a year, I get into a really good fight with somebody [a critter], but other than that, it’s not too bad at all. I just open up a window and pull them out and away we go. I also cook them too. I don’t need them. I send them to the light.

Question:  What do you do with them?

Charles: Cook them.

Question: Cook them?

Charles: Yeah.

Question: Would you visually tell me how, so I can, you know [do the same]?

Charles: Yeah. I got this little cauldron here, (pointing to an area to the side of him) that says, ‘Charles waste management on the bucket’ (laughter) and boom (motioning with his hands in a downward motion), I put him in there and that’s the end of that. (roaring laughter) That’s it right there.

Response: I love it!

Charles: You’ve got to have a little fun when you’re doing this stuff because basically, there’s a lot of repetitions and there’s a lot of just basic stuff. And all we’re doing is turning off programs that don’t work. That’s the key. You turn off the programs that are working against you…automatic healing begins. Because now there’s no longer any restriction for the Vital Life Force in the body. Okay. That’s the other neat thing about it. Any other questions on anything. (An audience member raises their hand). Yes.  

Question: Do we need to face them?

Charles: No, you don’t need to face anything. No. (Another audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: Do you see children that are being born now, coming in without that default to go into separation?

Charles: That’s confusing. Try that question again differently. 

Question: Well, it seems like, you know, we’re kind of destined as humans…we’re going to be born and go through this experience, you said, where we have this program to automatically go into separation if we’re threatened or attacked. And it doesn’t turn out well for us. We end up with this residue, but then we hopefully, can heal somehow throughout our lifetime. And what I’m wondering is, as humans evolves…as consciousness evolves, might it happen someday that children will be born with souls that will come in and be born and not have that to deal with.

Charles: Let me throw this out. See what you think, okay? There’s a project that’s been going on for a couple of thousand of years and it’s going to wrap up in about two to three hundred years. I can probably answer your question on that one then. Alright? (laughter) Now. Okay, the reason is because you’re dealing with is what is called the Spiritual Ascension of Humanity. Okay. And we’re not there yet. But, the project’s been going on for a while. And the key is…by the way, just in case you didn’t know, you know what the key is for Spiritual Ascension for Humanity? [It is] making it profitable for people to take the higher road.

Question: Repeat that please.

Charles: Make it profitable for people to take the higher road.

Question: Wow. Could you…I haven’t digested that. What does that mean?

Charles: Okay. If my reality...okay. Let’s say I have issues on the Father side, which I used to do…I used to have back problems…all kinds of things. So, since I had problems on the Father side, my reality said, “do not allow me respect.” So, people I was in contact with weren’t given permission to treat me well. Okay. And, as a result, I had all other kinds of problems. When I resolved the issue on my Father’s side, not only did my back problems go away and all that, but I could deadlift a 450-pound motorcycle. And I can still carry my other half across the park. And so, the point is, I changed my reality and allowed my body to get stronger. But also, I’m giving other people permission to treat me well. So, as I change my reality and work a more loving and constructive path, then other people who have the propensity to do so, will be given permission to respond in kind. Does that make sense?

Response: Yes.

Charles:  So, let’s say you have, you know, some old issues or whatever you haven’t resolved yet…and again we have to remember that this is not a fault…these are programs. That’s all it is.  All we’re going to do is turn off programs. Okay. And so, when you have a belief that you’re not good enough and that every boyfriend you ever had was a nutcase, or you’re attracted to those types, or people don’t respect you or whatever, you’re requiring in your reality, your prayer says, “I don’t have respect [or] credibility, make it so. Send me people who allow me to have my reality. This is my prayer.” Okay. Hey, the other thing I just thought of that I need to bring up before I go further on something, you know one of the biggest problems…the biggest mistakes in the metaphysical community—the idea we have to put light around ourselves? I’ll explain. When you say, “I have to put light around myself,” now you’re saying to the universe that, “I don’t have light, make it so.” So, here’s what you do. If every breath you take has so much love and light in it, it gives you the opportunity to work a path of light or a path of darkness. And therefore, the light exists within you. So, what you do? You kick up a ball of light inside and expand it. You become exothermic, which is your natural condition. Therefore, you are a carrier of light. Pretty wild, huh? We’ll do an experiment on that a little later when I get through, because I’m going to do some pulling…

Question: We’re not asking to be covered, we just (audience member just mimics breathing in and expanding light from the inside out)?

Charles: Bingo! You got it! That’s right. And the other neat thing about it is that you can walk down the street and say, “I’m a carrier of light and I don’t give rats, bunnies…who knows.” (Laughter). Okay. So anyway, any more questions or anything? (An audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: I can talk about Spiritual Ascension of Humanity for hours because to me, we’re at this crest right now. Either we’re going to ascend or we’re going to annihilate ourselves.

Charles: Mmmm. Too soon. Give it 2 or 3 hundred years.

Question: Really? That long?

Charles: Yeah. Yeah. 2 or 3 hundred years left on this particular project time. Yeah. This project has been going on a little bit…just right under…around 2000 years…and the Magi were involved in it…and the tradition has been involved in it. And the whole idea is to bring about those conditions that make it profitable for humanity to ascend. Right now, it’s not [profitable] because most of humanity is in fear because they are separate. So, the key is, is turning that around. But remember, I call it the Amoeba Principle. Okay. No living things takes any action, unless it benefits that particular thing. So, now you take a look at humanity, and if we had no resistance, we wouldn’t do anything…just lay around, like a bunch of walruses. Even they have itches. You see? So, the key is, it is our nature and character that gives that quality that causes us to move forward and want to basically work a constructive path. That is our nature and our character. The key is having the permission to do so as number one, and number two, making it profitable for those who are not into that mindset to move in that direction. For example, I can’t control where a fly is going to land. But…

Question: What did you say?

Charles: I cannot control where a fly is going to land. But, I’ll put a 100-dollar bill that I can get a fly to land on that table over there. You know how? I’ll make it profitable for the fly to land there. Honey! (Laughter) See? That’s the key. Because anytime you try to use judgment or any other means to get people to do one thing or another, they will go at war with you. Because judgment is based upon assumption, which is based upon separation, which is based upon arrogance. Okay. So, it doesn’t work. The key is, you basically make it profitable for somebody to move in a particular direction and then, you can have some fun. Okay. Any questions on anything? (An audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: With honey?

Charles: Well, I don’t know about people, but that works for flies. (Laughter). Cats…it would work too, by the way…just thought I’d let you know. Yeah. Cat food. That’ll work also. You put some cat food out there, they’ll be there. Laughter. I couldn’t pass it up…sorry. Laughter. Imagine…this is going on YouTube. Oh boy…they’re going to kill me.

Response: Honey works too.

Charles: Oh, yeah yeah. I don’t know about that with cats. But with flies, that works. Yeah.

Response: Chocolate is better!

Charles: Chocolate. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah that’s pretty good. Anybody ever try those Trader Joe’s chocolate salted almonds? Good Lord…they’re addictive. I warn you…it is a precipice. (Laughter). So anyway, any other questions or anything? Okay. Anybody up to…actually I need your attention for about two to three…let’s see…I’ll need about five minutes to do this. What do you think about if I went ahead and had you all…each and every one of you, all at once, bring up an emotion that you want to dissolve? That you wanted me…

Response:  Please! Please!

Charles: Okay. Wait a minute! Wait! Wait! I got to get everybody else involved okay. Come on. Okay. And what I’m going to do is, once I get a kind of a sense that you’ve got it cooking, as the expression goes…once you got it going, I’m going to go and find that puppy and I’m going to pull it out. Okay. Now, the key is, if I can do this and not drop any of them, that’ll be pretty cool. Get it…Lunchables. You know. Sorry, I couldn’t pass that up. So if I can get a bunch…basically the idea is I’m going to go and grab a bunch of them and I’m going to pull them out and I’m going to dissolve them. Okay. So, I don’t need to know what it is. I just need you to hold onto a thought energy…you know, to an emotional issue…okay…for about a minute, maybe two. Okay. Do you want to give it a try and see if it works?

Response: Yes!

Charles: Okay, good deal! Alright. So, here we go and what I’m going to do is you’ll see me basically open up a window, take a look and then….

Question: Hey, can we do two?

Charles: Don’t be greedy (Roaring laughter). If you can sneak two of them in there, I’m good.

Question: I beg your pardon?

Charles: If you can get two of them in there, I’m good. I don’t have any concerns about that at all.

Question: Hey Charles, will you let us know when it’s perfect to talk or be quiet as this is going on?

Charles: Oh, you don’t need to say anything.

Response: Okay.

Charles: Okay, because basically I’ll have you hold on to that emotion and just bring up that emotions that’s within you, okay. And, regardless of what it is—unpleasant, it could be a betrayal, it could be hurt or something like that. Bring that up and just keep it at the forefront of your consciousness. Hold it for about a minute or two and I’m going to go get it. Okay. Now, belief has nothing to do with this. If my aim is any good, I will get that puppy. Alright! And if my aim is off, I’ll go after it again. (Laughter). Okay. So, we’ll find out in about a minute. Okay. So, here we go. Let’s get started. You don’t have to do anything special. Just hold that emotion and let me go after it. Here we go. (Charles works his magic during this time). Okay. How many had theirs disappear on them? Can you find it anymore…the emotion that you were holding onto? Is it still there? (Some people indicate that it’s still there). It’s still there? Okay. Is it the same intensity, or has it dropped a little bit?

Response: It has dropped a little bit.

Charles: Dropped quite a bit?

Response: A little bit.

Charles: Okay. Well, I haven’t done this many people at once before. So, let’s go after it. It looks like I’m going to have to hit that puppy again, huh?

Response: Aim this way (one person says this).

Charles: Oh, be quiet. Laughter. Alright! (more laughter). Okay. So, we’ll do it again because, you know, that…(an audience member raises their hand). Yes!

Question: Does this have to be a one-word emotion?

Charles: No. No. Just a feeling…an event.

Response: I don’t feel anything (one person says this)

Charles: Okay. Did you bring up a hurt or betrayal? Yeah. Bring up a hurt or betrayal from the past…something like that.

Question: What about fears?

Charles: That’s fine. Okay. Because that’s…let me look at it a second, real quick like. Yeah. Yeah, on that one in particular, bring up the fear because that’s abject fear…all-encompassing. Okay. Does that make sense to you? (audience indicates yes and then another audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: So, it needs to be a specific fear?

Charles: No. No. No. Just general. General principle. Yeah. Just general principle, basically, because we’re after the source and if I can use that fear that you’ve got…that you can bring up, I can use that to find where the rest of the stuff is. And if my aim is any good, I’ll get it. (another audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: How do you protect yourself?

Charles: I don’t even think about it. I never even give it any thought. I am a carrier of light. Boom (while he’s motioning energy coming out of his heart). I get a lot kicked up…you know, I just kick up a lot. And the other thing too. I have kind of a little bit of an attitude about this stuff.

Question: You have a what, I’m sorry?

Charles: I have a little bit of an attitude about this stuff. Anybody that doesn’t have the right attitude and all that, I’ll blast them with light. They turn to dust. That’s their problem, not mine. (some laughter). So, I don’t even think about protecting myself. Okay. That’s really kind of the key. (someone else raises their hand). You had a question in the back. Yes? Yeah.

Response: Oh no. We were just talking about it (indicating some conversation between audience members).

Charles: Oh, you did. Oh, that was just an itch. Okay.

Question: We were wondering whether it had to be a specific incident or just a specific emotion.

Charles: The emotion. Okay. Or…now wait a minute. Hold on a second now. Let’s say there’s an assault that carries…the assault actually carries the emotion with it. Okay. Then, you know, that will work because all I need is a link.

Response: Okay.

Charles: Because every item in your reality has a thought energy matrix associated with it. And so, it allows these things to exist. I’ve actually dissolved the image with using this same process, by the way. Because everything that is form can be dissolved. Okay. So…

Question: Dissolved, meaning changing?

Charles: Turn it into…turns in…in other words, are you familiar with what they call a security erase on a hard drive? Where you take all the data…do ones and zeros? Same thing. I turn it into light. So, basically I take all that is…the reason I pull it out and encapsulate it…so, again I don’t want to make a mess...but, the other thing is, is I’ll actually pull it out and when I’m doing that, I’m disassembling it. So, it’s kind of the equivalent of taking its intelligence away. But, I still have two steps to go. One, I have to turn it into a kind of dust configuration. And then, I neutralize it with light. When I neutralize it with light, that basically brings it back to its initial source. Similar to basically being baked in the sun. So, it no longer exists. It’s like taking some iron and sending it off to the sun. It will eventually be melted within that.

Response: Well, it just won’t be iron anymore. It will be something else. It still exists. When you say you turn it into dust and it’s not there anymore. But, it’s always there.

Charles: No. No. No. It’s completely neutral. It has no form, it has no quality or condition. So, basically I’ve taken everything that’s existing, and when it had form, caused by the Intellect forming it. Okay. So, it took the essence…no, no, not the essence…wrong word. In other words, it took…what’s the term I’m looking for? There’s a term I want to use on this. It took the firmament and formed it. And in doing so, it carried the emotional component. What I’m doing is returning the firmament back to its natural state. Neutral state. So, that’s why I like to use the term ones and zeros on basically secure erase. Okay. So, let’s give it another shot and see if I can see if my aim is any better. Okay? Okay. So, here we go. Hold on to a thought or emotion or something like that and let me get them and see what we can do. Here we go. (Charles works his magic again, making sounds). Okay. Did I get it this time? My aim any better?

Response:  Yes. Better. Yeah. Interesting!

Charles: Pretty wild, huh?

Response: You can just feel the emotion [vanish]!

Charles: Just disappear, huh?

Response: Yeah. It’s just gone.

Charles: Yeah. See, that’s the neat thing about it, you see. All we did…all I did was basically say, “Okay, where is that puppy?” And I found it in the Intellect. But, the reason I was able to get to it was because the Intellect cannot defend against light—the universal solvent. So, I snuck up on it and I extracted the thought energy matrix. It looks like a bunch of big old…you know those beach balls…only they’re hair balls. And so, it looks like a bunch of those. So, I’m having, you know, to put them all together and all that, and make sure I don’t drop any of them. I mean, after all, we have to be neat. Right? And they’re a mess when you drop them anyway. I mean, there’s stuff all over the floor and you’ve got to clean it up. So, anyway…so, I went ahead and I was able to pull them in, encapsulate them and then, I was able to dissolve them. And when that happened, all that did was, the emotional component associated with the memory. That’s the power behind the reality of an individual. So, the Vital Life Force…I talked a little bit about earlier, is the natural life force of the body that where every time you take a breath, the Vital Life Force comes into the body and is directed by the Intellect and one’s reality on how it’s going to go to the organs and keeps things working. Okay. So, when there’s restrictions…let’s talk about broken heart. Okay. Broken heart syndrome: tightness in the chest, heart problems, heart valve problems, lung, bronchial, throat problems, stuff like that. Okay. When there’s issues with defense: extended stomach, stomach issues, stuff like that. When there’s issues with not dealing with reality properly, there’s going to be problems in the female organ area, lower back area, circulation in the legs, a lot of cramping…stuff like that and also, problems in the feet. These are just some simple things that I can bring…

Question: What was the last one?

Charles: Problems in the feet, circulation of the feet.

Question:  No. No. No. What causes it?

Charles: Not dealing with reality. When you have a belief that you’re in fear all the time, you have to basically step away from what is actual…what is truthful or actual. I used to like…I like the term ‘actual’ versus ‘reality.’ You know you got actual reality, which is realized. Actual is the way it is. So, anyway when you’re not in harmony with yourself because you have a belief that is not longer in harmony with what is actual and the actual flow of things, then you cut off the flow of your energy in your body. That’s why you can do experiments on your chakras. If you visualize all seven colors and if they’re all equally bright, [then] you’re in good shape. But if you do each one for five seconds, and let’s say you do white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red…and some of them are a little bit darker or whatever, you need some little bit of light. Put a little love in there. Okay.

Question: And do we try…do we have to try to avoid to think of that?

Charles: No. Well, can you…okay, the stuff I removed, can you find it anymore?

Response: Well, not right now maybe.

Charles: But you can…no, no, no…in other words, the memory, you can find, but is the emotion there or is it gone?

Response: Gone.

Charles: Okay. Good.

Question: But will it come back?

Charles: No. It will not. That’s the neat thing about it.

Response: I like that!

Charles: Okay. Yeah, that’s the reason why I say 70% of my clients I can do in one session. And that’s the goal…I’m going for 100, but I haven’t been able to do that yet.

Question: How long do your sessions last?

Charles:  An hour and a half to two hours. The reasonable session is an hour and a half. I like to put a 30-minute cushion because if I find something I can get while I’m there, let’s go get it. You know, rather than have to do another booking and all that type of stuff, I just rather spend a little extra time getting it handled. Okay. Any other…any other questions or any other observations. (an audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Response: Okay. For me, it worked the first time. So, then when you did the other one, it was like, okay, think of something fast. Then, this other thing popped in. And that went too! So, yeah!

Charles: Good! Excellent! Good! See, you got two for one! That’s pretty good. (another audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: Alright. My throat chakra hurts a lot…and my heart chakra hurts.

Charles: Really? Hold on a second…I’ll explain. I know the reason why.

Response: I don’t feel any emotions.

Charles: That’s because they’re unsafe for you right now. Okay. And if you want, I can loosen it up a little bit. Do I have your authority to do so? (Audience member responds with a nod yes). Okay. Let me take a look (Charles is motioning with his hands as if looking in a window in front of him and then moving his hands about, while talking). Dig, we must, you know. We’ll see if my aim’s any good. Yeah. A lot of betrayal floating around the back. So, is that starting to loosen up a little bit. Are the arteries starting to feel better? I might have to do a little bit of work afterwards because you’ve got some old emotions and tears coming up. And that’s perfectly normal. Hey, by the way, just to let you know…I’ve actually considered buying stock in Kleenex because I go through a lot of it in classes. (laughter). Yeah, I’ve actually have gone…it actually does…yeah, there’s one time I did a class and I put some cards out…this is the one I do over in Arlington. It’s really kind of fun. I had about 12 people in class. And I go ahead and put a rock and a card, you know, on the floor. And I had three people crying. Okay. Because I wanted to loosen up some stuff. And then I put another card out…I had six people crying. By the time I was done, I had 9 out of the 12 people crying. It’s pretty good. They all felt bad afterwards, but it worked out pretty good. Yeah. (laughter)

Question: Do you mind if I ask you what you charge for your sessions?

Charles: $200. Yeah. And it also includes a follow-up phone call. Also, 10 to 15 minutes, if necessary, if I need to do any further follow-up and see if I miss something, because gee whiz, sometimes you miss stuff. You know, you’re involved in it and all that and you’re getting all the big pieces and something else sneaks up on you a little later on. So, you just go ahead, you know, you just go and take of it on the phone.

Question: So, she’s still obviously upset. (referring to the audience member Charles just worked on) What happened? Is there something wrong?

Charles: No. Nothing wrong with her. No. No. No. Nothing wrong with her. There’s some deep hurt that is still not resolved yet.

Question: Some deep what?

Charles: Deep hurt...that’s still not resolved. Okay. And the safety…it’s not been safe to let it go yet. Is that fair? (directing the question to the person who he worked on to loosen up some stuff and who is still upset). Yeah. It’s just not really safe yet.

Response: I’m safe.

Charles: I know that, but to really kind of dissolve it at this very moment, it’s not safe. That’s why I’m not doing it.

Question: (from someone else) What do you mean it’s not safe? Define that.

Charles: Just…it’s not safe. Okay.

Question: Well, define safe. Safe to me is not the same maybe as safe to you. What do you mean safe? Like, do you mean emotionally it’s not safe or spiritually, or what do you mean not safe?

Other Responses from the Audience: It’s not the right moment (from one audience member) It’s not a good time. (from another audience member)

Charles: Yeah. Thank you (directing to other audience members who have responded).

Other Responses from the Audience: (There is lots of discussion and direction to the lady who asked about the safety definition and others respond directly to her). Yeah, because it’s not a good time because it’s an unsafe situation.

Charles: Let me redefine it. Okay. In all fairness, when I use the term, ‘it’s not safe,’ it means it is not appropriate…the time is not right and there may be a little bit more work required than what we can do here. Okay. That’s kind of the idea on that. So, I’m more interested in ‘the safety’ or in other words, the efficacy of the work. And so, if I can’t get it all done in that one shot, or what we’re doing here, I can’t get the important things done, then the times not right. Because, let’s say I get subcategory A and subcategory B and the person goes home that night and next thing you know, they have some horrible nightmares or something like that because a couple of things aren’t resolved. So, it would be a disservice for me to try to barrel through something and because that would be an act of arrogance on my part. So, I will not barrel through it and that’s why I use the term ‘safe.’ And I’ve had people come in on a private session…that doesn’t happen too often, but I’ve actually had people come in a private session where, you know, we sat and talked for a little while, and all we did was just chit chat. Because it wasn’t safe to get it released then because they needed more information. (Someone else raises their hand). Yes.

Response: And may I say in support of that…I’ve had several sessions with Charles…he was good long distance…I was in New York and oh boy, I was so glad he was on the phone. I can remember one time a therapist healer that I went into, he went into too quick without my permission.

Charles: Yeah.

Response: And it was more destructive and I felt unearthed because maybe he thought I could advance so I could go there and it just did more [damage]. So, I appreciate what you’re saying. Readiness. Readiness.

Charles: Yeah. Because the whole idea is to build up someone’s strength, not take them down.

Response: Right! Thank you!

Charles: And that’s my goal. If I can build up your strength…

Question:  Who says when you’re ready…and she says she’s ready! So who says she’s not ready? If it not safe…she thinks it’s safe. Where do you get that point where it is safe?

Charles: I have access to information and I’ll just leave it at that. Okay. And the other thing too…in other words, safety is the most important thing, but also establishing somebody’s strength. So, if an item is too complicated, you can take care of it a little bit later. I mean there’s times I’ve done work on people in the middle of Denny’s…even though their food is mediocre…but I’ve still been able to get it done. (laughter).

Response: Denny’s special.

Charles: Yeah. Hey, by the way, you know the other thing that is a lot of fun to do? I’ve had people call me up on the phone…I’m driving down the 190 freeway…you know the Bush Freeway in Dallas, and basically, I’ll open up a window and I’ll start doing this (moving his hands around) and they’ll feel better. “Now, so you feel better?” And they say, “Yeah.” [And I say,] “Congratulations.” [They say,] “Why’s that?” [I say,] “You just go the first airbag treatment.” (roaring laughter) Okay. (another audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Response: I was intent to bring this up. But, I had a near-death experience. A doctor told me I was going to die.

Charles: Yeah.

Response: While working on me in surgery.

Charles: Wow.

Response: I wasn’t going to make it through surgery. So, I assumed I was going to die. I’m laying…I leave my body…I sat up…and then I leave this existence.

Charles: Oh. That’s cool.

Response: The one thing that I learned…the first thing that I noticed when I was on the other side was complete bliss.

Charles: Yeah.

Question: I mean I thought I was dead. The doctor had told me [this] and he’s a professional. So, I’m out there and was so blissful. And the first thing I’m trying to think about is hurts [and] betrayals. You said this is from the Intellect.

Charles: Yeah.

Response: I had left my body. I was no longer in my brain, my consciousness, whatever you want to call it. And that was the first major thing that made me comfortable. But it kind of…I thought I had my Intellect with me and I’m going, “I’m no longer in my body. I don’t need that.” The thing…the best way I can describe it is you can’t take these things that are bothering you while you’re in your body with your Intellect with you.

Charles: Yes. I love it!

Response: What you just did is kind of what you feel if those things left you. They’re not necessary anymore.

Charles: Yeah.

Response: If you’re near death, and you know you’re going to die, don’t bother packing a bag. You don’t need it.

Charles: Outstanding!

Response: That’s part of what you want to put in the bag to keep. I put mine back in my body, obviously. But, you still experience these things…that’s what was so…so what you’re saying makes a lot of sense to me. It’s Intellectual…it’s between you and your body…

Charles: Yeah. Because the Intellect basically says, “I need to protect the body at all cost. These are my resources. These are my tools. And this is the only method I have available.”

Response: You’re not in the body anymore…

Charles: Okay. So, what we’re doing here in the work is basically saying, “Okay, well fine…the Intellect doesn’t have the tools or permission to let something go because if it did, then we’d all be able to let all this stuff go.”

Response: Sure.

Charles: So, what I do is I go and find out where it’s located, and I actually extract it so the Intellect has nothing to hang onto anymore. That’s the beauty and that’s the fun part about it…you know it.

Question: Because isn’t that so that when we leave with everything we learn and happened, that we go with all those lessons?

Charles: Say that question again. I missed you on that.

Question: When we leave…

Charles: Yeah.

Question: When we leave this body…

Charles: Yeah.

Question: Don’t we go with everything that happened…with all the lessons…with all the knowledge…with all the baggage?

Charles: Well, yes and no. And I want to change…in other words, let me run this by you and see what you think. Part of the work that we’re here to do is to work more of a constructive path and to find less attraction to the things we no long need that are hindering our work. So, you’ll have your successes and failures. But, when you look back and look at your failures, the question you have to ask is, “Did you have the tools to have a different outcome?” And the answer is no. Therefore, there’s no failure. Failure can only exist as a reasonable chance of success. So, when you consider all that’s involved in going off to the next lifetime or whatever you’re going to be doing, we’re not interested in what you failed at or whatever baggage you may be having or whatever. The key is if you get…if we can get it dissolved, it’s no longer an issue to begin with. And so, you are no longer attracted to that because if you understand it, it’s no longer an issue. (another audience member raises their hand). Yes.

Question: Would this talent or ability that you have, would it work well on children that are abused?

Charles: Yeah. Oh yeah. I have a lot of abused people that come through…come through the door. Yeah.

Question: Like mentally ill…like multiple personalities because of, you know, tragic things that happened at different times in their lives?

Charles: Well, I’ll tell you what I can do. I can’t address the multiple personality issue directly…okay…because uh…but, I can address it this way. I can remove the betrayal, the abuse, the emotional component of that. Whether…how that actually manifest in that particular individual, that’s beyond my expertise. Okay. Because I can be two people. (Laughter) How do you think I made it from California to Texas…I had to learn the language. (roaring laughter…and then, someone’s phone goes off).

Response: Sorry.

Charles: That’s quite alright. Oh that’s….do you want me to dance? (he mimics playful dancing). Uh-oh…it’s on YouTube. Alright. I got to behave. (laughter). So, anyway, are there any other questions or anything? Okay. Let’s see now…now, is there anything…I know I don’t have you (as he directs his question to the audience member he worked on earlier) done…completed yet. Okay? But, we’ll talk a little bit more about that, if you want. Alright. (Clapping from the audience). And I’d like to thank you so much (as he addresses the entire group) for coming out. By the way, if there’s I got a partial of something or whatever, let me know and I’ll see if I can go ahead and get it pulled. Okay. Alright. Again, I would like to thank so much for coming out and indulging my fun and all that. And I hope you enjoyed yourself. And gee whiz…this is really great. Thank you so much. Thank you. (Loud applause).


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