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Video and Radio Interviews

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Cindy Herb of Cindy's Numerology.  Her website is: Cindy's Numerology

She wrote the questions, performed the interview, and provided the transcript.

These interviews were not rehearsed. I had no idea as to the content of any of her questions.

There are currently twenty interviews segments.


The videos from Segment 8 to Segment 20 have a technical problem where the  Video Light used was too low. This caused Red Eye.

Red Eye is the reflection of the Retina back to the camera when the source of the light is too close to the camera lens. 

It is not an evil redness coming from my eyes.  We didn't realize the problem till later. A fix is on its' way.

The links for videos 19 and 20 are now repaired.


Segment 1

What is a Shaman and Shamanism – A Medicine Man or Healer? 

Segment 2

Observing Judgmental Attitude in 'Should' – Testing Versus Belief

Segment 3

Spirit World, Other Dimensions and Prophetic Dreams in the Dream State

Segment 4

Spiritual Guide: Heaven is a Place on Earth, Mystical Realms Interview

Segment 5

Initiation: Shamans and Their Training – How to Become a Shaman

Segment  6

Spiritual Healing, Shaman Healing, Western Healing – Shaman Interview

Segment 7

Reincarnation, Past Lives, Suffering and the Bible – A Shaman's Views

Segment 8

The Shaman Healing – Dissolving not Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Segment 9

Shaman Healer Interview – Healing Pain & the Spiritual Path  

Segment 10

What is a Shaman & Nature of God? - The Healing by Shamans  

Segment 11

Ask and You Shall Receive –Scripture & Prayers for Healing

Segment 12

Hands on Healing, Faith Healers & Words of Affirmation Best Practices

Segment 13 Hands on Healing with Chakras – Reiki Massage, Symbols & Healing Music
Segment 14

What is Intuition? – Spirit of Prophesy & Developing Intuition

Segment 15

Psychic Fairs –Finding Real Psychics Using Intuition & Mystical Realm

Segment 16

Principles of Life, Shamanism Definition, & Initiation with a Shaman

Segment 17

Shaman Discusses Meditating – Types of: Deep & Mantras for Meditation

Segment 18

How to Meditate Properly – Shaman Says Use Meditation Room and Chair

Segment 19 Shaman Defines Mantras – Meditation & Examples: Om Mani Padme Hum
Segment 20 How to Use Tarot Cards –Spreads, Rider Waite Tarot & the Magi Sigils
Satori Presentation May 2015 Live Healing Session with Emotional Trauma Removal
Satori Presentation May 2017 Still in Production
Audio Title
Radio Interview July 2017 Empire Radio interview done July 25, 2017 approximately 7 minutes
File too large, will adjust shorly.