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Sunday, May 19, 2019

10:44 PM

Weekly Letter Audio Version

I would like to welcome new subscribers to this list and hope you find these letters useful.

With the temperature getting warmer, I have a couple reminders to those who may be involved in outdoor activities. I can speak of these firsthand since some of my hikes have been ten-hour round-trip with about 35 pounds of camera equipment and a few other goodies while the temperature has been between 90 to 105 degrees. What I have learned I think may be beneficial to most. Everybody is well aware of the need for hydration. The problem is, many of our bottled waters that we get over the counter have little or no mineral content in them. So, when you are hiking or exercising in hot environment you might find yourself drinking a lot of water but somehow never really being satisfied. The reason for this as I mentioned earlier there is almost zero mineral content in these bottled waters that are available.  After a day’s exercise or hike there is a high possibility of muscle cramps and/or leg cramps for the primary reason is the minerals are not there.


There are several products out there that are really quite good at solving this problem. One of my favorites is a product called NUUN.  Nuun: Past Formula Electrolyte, Enhanced Drink Tabs.  There are other products out there and it is up to you to decide whether you decide to choose this particular one or another brand as long as the basic electrolytes are available. 


I will tell you my secret to hiking for around ten hours without leg cramps. I start with 16 ounces of water with one or two electrolyte tabs to get things going. Once I began my trek, I will have between three and four liters of water in my backpack, which will also have dissolved tabs of electrolyte.  In addition to the electrolyte, that at the five hour point I will drink some “Endurance Fuel” by Hammer Nutrition. This stuff will assist the replacement of worn out muscle cells. Along with a couple of energy bars, I will then begin by trip back to the campsite. Just for information regarding the amount of water I take on my trip, in this particular example given the above has to do that I know of a water source I can tap into at the halfway point. Being completely hydrated my trip back to the campsite become so much more enjoyable.


This next Wednesday 7:30 PM, I will be doing the Get Together for some story telling, healing and readings, here in Fort Worth.   No need to book, just come on by.

This Friday at 1 PM, via Zoom videoconferencing only, we will be doing the reincarnation experiment online. While we will take a different approach whereas will not be using the Egyptian Temple format, the same results will be possible. This is part one of several different types of reincarnation experiments that are available to us whereas with this particular experiment, we will utilize the talents and abilities of those attending to become aware of those who wish to be observed. In this particular experiment, once the initial observation is complete those attending will be able to compare what they observed to others in the group. The similarities will be quite uncanny. 


My third book, “A New Perspective: A Study and Solution to the Symptoms and Emotional Effects of Abuse Kindle Edition”.  The paperback is now available.    A New Perspective: A Study and Solution to the Symptoms and Emotional Effects of Abuse Paperback Edition. Furthermore, I will be placing this and my other two books on Audible. 


In the bonds of the work I am,




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