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Monday, March 18, 2019

11:30 AM


I would like to welcome new subscribers to this list and hope you find these letters useful.


As many of you know I generally get these letters out Sunday evening however I have been quite busy on a number of items.  One the items on my list is book number three which I will be announcing its release in a week or two.

There are two events coming up this week. The first is the online Friday Class and the second is the Reading and Healing Class at the Enchanted Energy Haven in Waxahachie this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Their number to book a seat is 469 716 0707.

The subject for this Friday’s class will be the relationship between Energy and its Flow. While this particular subject matter may seem simple, do not be deceived is more to it than what appears.


There are many different forms of energy. Where this becomes interesting is all energy realized in the physical realm is harmonically related meaning one energy source can have many manifestations from the very lowest qualities and/or frequencies to the very highest. I am using the term very highest in this manner to describe a condition where the exercise of force initiated at the intellectual and/or physical level can transcend into the higher spiritual levels.


The question we have to ask at this point, what is the nature of energy whereas there is no action upon it causing it to be static. As you can see this brings about an interesting idea whereby the natural cause of all things existing may be related to a form of energy whereas such energy and/or quality is static, not moving, no action upon it therefore static, neutral. As you can see, there is a condition of the mind having difficulty in dealing with this possibility.


One of the reasons for this is the appearance of all things in constant motion at all times. In addition, for the most part the observations are correct. However, have you considered the possibility of a baseline and/or static condition whereby absolute neutrality existing therein and is not moving?


As you can see this creates a bit of a quandary for the intellect has a difficulty in dealing with such matters. I mean after all everything you perceive via the five senses, such perception being an object or condition of energy in motion makes this perception possible.


In the past, I have spoken of the issue with perfection whereas such perfection is not available in the physical realm. The reason is because everything is in motion, and subject to that motion determines the nature of the manifestation of the particular item based upon its nature and particular qualities.


As you can see, we still have a problem here. The quality and/or condition whereas by its nature takes no action, yet it is the baseline for all existence in our universe today. A baseline and/or quality of which by virtue of neutrality whereas perfection existing therein. This baseline allows the existence of all other things being not of such quality yet necessary for existence of this universe.


As you are starting to gather, while the subject of the next class is energy and its flow, it is not  as simple as you might think. This work exceeds far beyond the usual energy flows our bodies and so forth, whereas we will gain a deeper understanding of how things work.


In the bonds of the work I am,




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