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Private Session Testimony

While many claims are made as to the "Authenticity, and/or effectiveness" or a particular healing system and/or "Spiritual Process", it is the results which determines the validity of the "System and/or Methods used". Belief is not required for success with any valid System.

The purpose of this work is to provide the individual with the tools necessary to advance without limitation imposed either directly, or indirectly.

Deciding if a "System" is beneficial, testimonials from those who have had firsthand experience with the "System" and/or had healing work done can be quite helpful.

These testimonials are from individuals who have sent in letters and/or emails. The identity of the individual is kept private unless I have received specific authorization to use their name. Additionally, if the testimonial reveals some private information, sensitive parts of the testimony will be made obscure.

Although some editing including spelling and other typos will occur, the initial spirit of the testimony will remain unchanged. Some of the testimonies have been written on cell phones as you can probably tell my various abbreviations. For example, u can refer to you. More testimonials will be forth coming.

Via Zoom Video Conferencing

Customer: N.Z.
Date: Friday, March 1, 2019 12:49 AM
I felt that you cleaned a lot of energies during the session
I feel lighter than before
The days after the session I feel sad ,grief and shame and the feelings stopped me to feel life
I don't want to leave the bed or achieve something
Thank you for being here helping me
Thank you for your happiness and fun actions
Thank you for your wonderful talents
Thank you
With all love and gratitude

Zoom Video Conferencing

Customer: N Taha
Date: Friday, February 22, 2019 9:52 AM
Mr. Charles is the best healer ever ! I feel he is the answer of my prayers! I consider him as the gift of 2019! He is very kind hearted and very smart! He analyzed the puzzles of my life and made me understood why things happened to me! He healed me from my fears towards people and situations and changed my perspectives! He is very generous in his knowledge and time and i know as a face that I'm gona recommend him to all my friends and family members!
I feel i know him from centuries :) as he makes you feel comfortable and he makes you laugh from your heart :)

I highly recommend taking private sessions and learn from him :)

Zoom Video Conferencing

Feb 20, 2019

Hi Charles,

I want to thank you for help on my shoulder. The tension hasn't returned.  Friday, it took about an hour for it to really loosen up but by that night I forgot all about it. In fact, I went to a 4hr  painting class and painted on canvas for the first time.  Never once did it bother me or even get tired! I had some temporary fatigue after a workout,  but it cleared up right away. Thank you.  

In Office Private Session

Customer: B. Cannon
Booking: 1568901248526376
Date: Monday, January 28, 2019 6:43 AM
My recent session with Charles was amazing he hit on so many areas that needed attention. I feel amazing and will definitely be returning to work with Charles again. I highly recommend him.

In Office Private Session

Customer: C. Wiegand 
Booking: 1568901121986545
Date: Sunday, January 20, 2019 11:53 AM
The session with Charles was nothing less of amazing. He not only helped me to understand some of my past hurts, but got rid of them, and even reminded me of a dream I had regarding living in a certain state. I'm looking forward to reading his new books. If you want to feel better and lighter, make an appointment, you will be happy you did. It was the best money ever spent for my healing. Thanks Charles, patiently waiting for your new books!! Smiles! Catlyn.

Syria via Skype

Customer: A. A. Rahman
Booking: 1568812257074299
Date: Friday, December 28, 2018 5:22 PM
The healing session I had with Charles went very well! I could feel immediate positive changes, while other good things happened later on. Now I have great hope that my situation is curable after years of being despaired!

Thank you so much dear Charles for your knowledge, kindness and generosity.

Peace and Love.

In Office Private Session

Customer: Erica H.
Booking: 1568811148912602
Date: Monday, November 19, 2018 11:12 AM

In Office Private Session

Customer: Melissa M.
Booking: 1568810278161885
Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 1:02 PM
Always a transformative and enlightening experience~ One-of-a-kind! Thank you Charles.

Germany Via Skype

Customer: Amal C.
Booking: 1568809159341729
Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 12:59 AM
I am very pleased with my experience with the private session with Charles. I was treated with professionalism and care. He made me feel i am in safe hands and made me smile. I appreciate his willingness to answer all my questions and hope learn more from him.
A big thank you

Received Sept 19, 2018

From Qatar through a Skype Session

hello Charles ,

 I'm just sending you some feedback on my feelings experience the previous weeks . I'm really amazed . I'm trying  to get  back some of the feelings  I had towards my dad like fear and anger lack of trust and so on but I feel empty . I still feel lost and lonely  to be honest and o miss little Sam  . I can't find still the confident in my self and the urge to start any thing. I still feel I'm not good enough . 

the girls keeps talking about you every day .they drive me crazy . I see you simple and light , they see you deep and wise 😎

I keep doing the light technique  you gave me every day after I do the energy releasing exercise which helps me stopping the electric surges that occur every night  either before i sleep or while sleeping . 

do you think I'm a good candidate to be a healer or should I seek a different path  . 

I might join your lessons with the girls .

thank you very much 🙋‍♀️

Sam Q.

My Response.


Thank you for your note. 

If you will, please set up a follow-up appointment as I really would like to get the rest of the items taken care of.   Especially your confidence. 

Also, one’s love determines one’s healing ability, not necessary “technical” proficiency.  We’ll talk more.

It is good to be “Light and simple” and also “Deep and wise”.  J




Canada Via Skype

Customer: Nadiya S.
Booking: 1568809106666779
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018 1:47 PM
I started my first lesson with Charles . He is Generous with his knowledge. The class was a lot of fun because Charles has an amazing sense of humor. I will continue taking classes with him because it changed my life.

Germany Via Skype

Customer: Muna Q.  
Booking: 1568809066088314
Date: Monday, September 10, 2018 2:18 AM
Very good results:)
Thank you

Canada Via Skype

Customer: Nadiya S.
Booking: 1568808169814710
Date: Sunday, August 19, 2018 1:09 PM
I found Charles website through his videos on YouTube. I was very intrigued by the information he shared.
I decided to contact him because I believed he might be able to help me resolve emotional issues I have collected through out my life. I had a phone session with Charles because I live in Montreal, Canada.

Our session lasted little over 2 hours. Charles was very generous with his time in explaining everything. I needed to understand in order to facilitate my healing process. I have carried emotions and beliefs that kept me fro releasing my full potential. kin one session I\Charles was able tp remove a life long emotional package. I am very appreciative to him. I have tested the whether the emotions associated with situations fro my past still exist within me. happy to share that they are gone and I am on my way to releasing my full potential. I highly recommend Charles service to everyone. Charles is honest, goes straight to the point and has a great sense of humor.

Received Aug 26, 2018

Sunday, August 26, 2018 2:51 PM
I think if the sessions through Skype it will be more easier to communicate and the voice will be more clear .
Also if there a link to pay the session fee through PayPal or credit cards will be more easier and more save .
Thank you allot
Response I have now implemented Skype and will setup a link.

Received Aug 22, 2018

Dear Charles,

I would like to express my gratitude to your efforts and time.

I am fully interested in perusing classes with you and learning your method.

I have read your books twice.

I would like also to update you about my session with you. I am feeling wonderful and I have regained my joy for life . All the negative limitations are lifted. I do t feel stuck anymore in any situation. I have mentally started the preparation to take the USMle. Which the United States medical evaluation exams for international medical graduate. This would have seemed a distant dream before our session.

I am now moving forward with the light and the values of humility, love, understanding in my heart. I know I have already succeeded .


I would like to propose a session during weekends, not sure that you work on weekends. Kindly, let me know about your schedule. I would like to be up to date with the concepts of your method until I come in person and start the training.


I have enjoyed talking to you. You are kind, generous and easy to talk to.


Looking forward to you email, call or text.

Nadiya S.

Received Aug 19, 2018

Date: Sunday, August 19, 2018 1:09 PM

I found Charles website through his videos on YouTube. I was very intrigued by the information he shared.

I decided to contact him because I believed he might be able to help me resolve emotional issues I have collected through out my life. I had a phone session with Charles because I live in Montreal, Canada.

Our session lasted little over 2 hours. Charles was very generous with his time in explaining everything. I needed to understand in order to facilitate my healing process. I have carried emotions and beliefs that kept me from  releasing my full potential.. In one session Charles was able tp remove a life long emotional package. I am very appreciative to him. I have tested the whether the emotions associated with situations fro my past still exist within me. happy to share that they are gone and I am on my way to releasing my full potential. I highly recommend Charles service to everyone. Charles is honest, goes straight to the point and has a great sense of humor.   

Nadiya, S

Received  04/05/2018

Private Session

Mr Crooks

We received the book today.


Your sessions were very effective. They brought forth many suppressed emotions. We were able to deal with them head on. The shackles are gone.  The monkeys that we carried on our backs are gone as well. Thus bringing about closure. 

This has given my husband and I an opportunity to have a new and improved future instead of living in the past.

Thank you for everything.

Maria & Ram R.


Received November, 21, 2017


Hello, I wanted to give you an update on where I am now that we've worked on removing old trauma.

 1. I have been working on removing the day to day stuff as I told you when we last spoke. I watched what you did for me and I learned how to do this for myself and it's been working wonderfully. Anytime I feel heavy or I have something that's a few years old that comes up I remove it from myself, put it into a container (it's different for each thing I have removed) and then threw it to the sun to burn up and I watch to make sure it's gone. I know there are some things I can't remove myself but what is the saying, "Give a woman a fish she'll eat for a day, teach her to fish and she'll always have food", something like that. You taught me this wonderful useful trick and I greatly appreciate you for this. 

 2. After our session I began a personal journey to find myself automatically, I began noticing that I was taking more time to make decisions, I have removed all the toxic people from my life and found that I had tons of them in my life, which made me sad because I really thought these people were good friends/family only to have my eyes opened to the fact that they make me physically ill after I am around them. So now I have no friends and only a few relatives but that just means I have more room for the people who are supposed to be in my life and are not toxic to me. I have decided to embrace the boredom in my life, I was always so used to the chaos and drama from a very young age and my boundaries were wayyy too open I never really understood what it meant to have boundaries when into my reality. I thought life itself created your reality, well now I understand that I create my own reality and I also need to consent to this reality and not allow things to just happen. 

 3. I have been working with my light and I noticed in the beginning it was dull and not really formed now since working with it I have noticed that it's super bright in the middle and the outer band of it has become more defined and brighter too. I have been working on expanding it around myself and other objects bigger than me like my room at night before I go to sleep and it's gotten much larger, it used to be only the size of a large grapefruit now it's as big as I make it. I am going to continue working on this. 


Received November 18, 2017


This letter is a follow-up to my healing session with Charles Crooks.  I highly recommend Charles’ healing session for Emotional Trauma removal for those that are ready to free themselves from past emotional trauma that reaches not only back to childhood but into previous lifetimes of reoccurring patterns.  I had been having trouble with back issues, feeling fear about getting out into the job market along with the fear that I am not good enough, which has made me feel stalled. As we worked on each area to be cleared more areas came up to be released, similar to clearing out a closet. It was not painful and I was grateful he took the time to be thorough during our session.  After the session I felt peaceful and the following day I felt renewed, optimistic and lighter.  Not only was Charles enjoyable to work with, but he is thorough and professional and never judgmental, creating a feeling of openness.  I am deeply grateful to have had a session with Charles and I am looking forward to moving forward in my life without my back going out and without the many fears of the past to hold me back. Thank you!!!

M. B.


Received June 2, 2017

I do not know if u remember me but I had a session with u and took your classes.  I was thinking about the wonderful journey I am on and was reflecting when things really shifted for me.  It was meeting u and u helping me.  I don't think I ever really said how grateful I was and am.  I am taking reiki classes now and really loving who and where I am.  I felt a strong urge to reach out to u and just say thank you.  Thank you for opening my mind and sharing ur wonderful spirit and home.  If I didn't move so far I would still be coming and learning from u.  I hope u are well and I will never forget u.



  Received May 30, 2017

I love how Mr. Crooks nailed all my problems and allowed me to explain them. So that way he knew exactly what to get ahold of. During the actually healing processes I've always had back issue I've gone to physical therapy I've done stretches, deep tissue massage, 

Went in 3 days a week for physical therapy nothing would work. Well Mr. Crooks fixed my back pain in 30 seconds.

I've had father issues for a long time my dad passed away in 2004 when I was 5. Which he fixed all my emotions towards him.

Along the session, Mr. Crooks was very nice I was myself around him there was no judgment.

I personally recommend him because he has done work on three of my friends now. Plus you would be surprised the amount of anger or problems you hold inside.

This healing process has taught me that I need to start letting things go and not holding onto the things because in the end you do nothing but build it up and up inside of you.

 This morning I have some lower back pain I do not know if that's from the fact that I might of slept wrong or what. But other than that I feel wonderful. 



 Received March 17, 2017

Hi Charles,

 Thanks for the session.

 J St-----


 Received Feb 7, 2017

Dear Charles,

 E----‘s dad, brother and I wish to express a special Thank you! Seeing E----‘s transformation to inner peace and confidence is beyond word. May the Devine Good always bless you with positive abundance.

 With Love,


 (E----) had PTSD from recent Middle East deployment.


 Received Dec 31, 2016 

Dear Charles,

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the session you had with me last Saturday.  You spent considerable time with me, and I want to be sure that I tell you how meaningful and worthwhile I found it to be.

Below are a few of the things that stand out in my mind and that I find to be impactful:

  • Your recognition and understanding that my relationship with my parents produced a lack of confidence and self-worth that affects me to this day.
  • The fact that my father's behavior contributed to relationship problems for me.
  • Your recognition of me as a sensitive and innocent child who came into life expecting to be loved and that, despite the family environment and the difficulties associated, I have managed to maintain my spiritual honor and integrity.
  • You telling me repeatedly that my feelings were justifiable and that I was not culpable for what I experienced.
  • Your humor.
  • Your persistence when I could not answer how I was feeling.

The tools you provided and that I am using:

  • The training (on which I failed the many tests) for utilizing my intuition and feelings rather than my intellect.  
  • Bringing light into my heart space and expanding it outward in order to strengthen and clear my aura.
  • Developing an attitude!  (I'm a carrier of light, and I don't give a rat's ass....!)

Charles, I feel very grateful, and I thank you. 

Sincerely and with the desire that you be blessed,


P. S.  I plan to call you in a few minutes to check in with you.  Also, I submitted a review as you requested.  Below is the content:

When I spoke with Charles by phone and when I met with him for my session, I knew that I was in good hands because of the kindness and respect he extended.  He took time to obtain personal history and understand my needs.  As he worked with me, it became obvious that he is very skilled and insightful.  Often he could pinpoint information about me that I had not revealed.  In fact, he was able to identify significant lifelong issues with which I have struggled, and worked with me to clear them.  His understanding and compassion are helping me to see the past with a different perspective, and I will be the better for it.  In addition, he provided me with a number of helpful tools that I intend to employ.  I am grateful to Charles for this healing experience. 


 Received Nov 8, 2016 

Dear Charles,

 It is slightly annoying yet also amusing that each time I tried to buy you a token of my appreciation for healing me something happened. I looked all over town for the right thing with little inspiration and I am a terrific gift giver. When I did finally receive a divine spark the guy making the item told me it would take a week only to later inform me that he and his wife were unable to pull it off. Mind you, this entire time your or my friends kept telling me it was unnecessary and enough was enough. They even closed a store early so I couldn't buy what I wanted! Perhaps, the Capricorn in me has a hard time accepting and allowing defeat but, I will surrender my arms........for now!

 I may never fully comprehend what lead me to your website and have the courage to ask for help. Sometimes I feel like I am playing a game of chess in which I am simply making moves that I or someone else has already decided to play. This is not to imply that I feel like a victim, it simply brings forth a childlike curiosity of understanding. I will continue to search for the truth of who and what we are and the supposed mysteries of this life.

 It has been more than a month and everyday not only does my right side feel better but things I didn't even realize I had issues with will randomly pop into a new position. Part of me still doesn't believe that after ten years I could actually really be healed, especially in this manner and I'm waiting to wake up from a dream wherein the pain and misalignment will comes back. Thankfully, Every morning the opposite is true and I hear a voice stating that with more understanding I will realize that, that state was the dream and this "reality" has the potential to be even greater than I can currently think or imagine. As I told you, the greatest healing that has occurred is that I really "feel" supported again and that "God" is really and truly "for" me. I don't have subconscious currents of fear running through me anymore. This is the greatest miracle one could ever have that I didn't know I needed.

 Although, I wanted to at least send you a hand written letter, I did not want to go into what may be the best year of my life so far without saying in writing, thank you for helping to change my life. I don't know the specifics of what tomorrow may hold, nor do I believe everything every day will be perfect, but for now I can say with conviction that it doesn't matter because I know I am supported and all will be alright!

 With enormous gratitude and love,




Received Oct 2016

Please feel free to share if you like.......

I was suffering from debilitating guilt, shame, and anger over the death of my young daughter. My grief was so clouded by these emotions that I was not coping well. By the time I met with Charles, my thinking was quiet scrambled and I had many "what ifs" and "buts". Charles patiently waited for my objections to dissipate and eventually my troubling emotions dissipated as well. Such a weight was lifted from me and since our session, I have been able to grieve in a more constructive way. I still long for my daughter and still have tears for her, but without the burden of guilt and anger, those moments are bearable and even welcomed. Thank you, Charles.



 Received June 1, 2016 

Greetings Charles,

 Here is my Testimony:

 Life had become boring and I was ready to know what Living / Thriving was beyond the everyday robotics. I knew it was time to meet my Shaman-Healer, except I didn’t know where or who the person was.  My prayer request was heard and guided to Charles.  As I watched him work on others, I knew deep inside that I too had the capability of doing the ‘work’.  But first I had to release the conflicts of self-sabotage, as Charles worked on it I was amazed how such imprints from Parents and Past life can cause distraught on your current life.  I then joined his classes, and it brought me immense knowing of self Love, compassion and unfolding of my healing Gifts. It was a joy to attend every class because I felt the presence of Angels, Love, non-judgment and Uplifted/Inspired.  Charles has a compassionate heart that assists one to walk beyond fear. I learned so much by observation of the process Charles would walk us through in class. I highly recommend his classes, for only the experience will demonstrate how we are always connected to the Higher realms, the answers are always within and give you the empowerment to dive deeper into your oneness.  Yes, Heaven is within all of us. 

 Thank You Charles.



 Received May 27, 2016


Thank you so much for helping me work through my anxiety, and inner financial blockage. You have cleared out the issues, which has been a weight lifted off my shoulders. By working on my traumatic soul issues that happened in childhood, and previous marriage I look forward to a new chapter in life.

I also appreciate that you always take my call, and help me through my problems either with more soul cleansing, or different perspective is needed.

For example your prayer to a more financially fulfilling future. By just changing the pray from "please help me through this" to a conversation with God/Higher Power/Angels, which I am communicating. By first giving thanks to all my blessings, and then presenting my plan for the future, and asking for assistance in this project.

I really appreciate all your help and guidance.



Received Sept 16, 2015

Charles, for the first time in years my thoughts are not angry or nervous or based in fear. My thinking is pure, clear and concise I have never felt such a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I thank God for hearing my messages and sending me to you!. My mother who encouraged me to come would like to see you as well. I told her to go by herself as this is her healing and God knows I can’t explain what happened. The only thing I can verify is what happened to me after. By the way, I tried to think of one of those pervasive thoughts prior to yesterday and zero emotion associated with it. What a gift you have and a blessing you are!! I am amazed K____ 


Received  Aug 26, 2015

First of all, I really would like to thank you for your time and consideration for doing a healing session on me. 

Let me tell you that the healing session has taken away my anger, guilt, frustration that was built due to the unpleasant activities that happened in my life from the people I trusted. I am calm now and even my daughter could feel it. I do get frustrated some times, but now I can control those. The complaints that I had towards my parents has totally vanished and I accept them as who they are now. Its not about forgiving anyone else, but I guess, I have accepted myself as who I am and accepted everyone else as who they are. Now I have started thinking before I act instead of taking hasty decisions. I still remember that little push I felt in my body externally when you were doing the healing session on me. I am able to remain focused now because there are no clutters left in my mind to think on. I have started chanting some mantras that give me peace and that is how none of those negative feelings and emotions trap me anymore.

 I thank you from the bottom of my heart to take time and bring me out of my emotional trap. This was a memorable session of my life that I will never forget.

 Again, thank you for your kindness, generosity and most of all your support.

 God Bless You and May Shower Blessings on You to reach out and help more people who are stuck in their lives.

A. Z.


 Received Aug 8, 2015

About 3 months ago I was referred to call Mr. Charles....I'm not gonna lie. I was a bit leery simply because years and years I have wanted to get help I had spent thousands of dollars with numerous psychics to get the help I needed. I was always left unsatisfied and knew in my heart that the root of the problem was not fixed... up until I made that phone call to Mr. Charles within 2 hours my life had been changed completely programs were fixed and gone for the better....(In this case there was no charge for my work. I do make the determination base on each individual case. Charles)....Mr. Charles is always available when I call he still continues to help and just listen. I love his sense of humor as well. Thank you Mr. Charles I will forever be thankful to the universe for you and will continue to pray for you.

Sincerely, J.M.

For clarification I will not turn down help for someone who is currently in financial difficulty. I have standard rate I charge for my services.


 Received May 20, 2015 

I went to see Charles Crooks on Tuesday Aug 4th 2015.

I was not skeptical going in but the results exceeded all of my expectations. I have been on a spiritual journey since around 2006, I have had some wonderful experiences over the years but I have been stuck for some time now and seemingly unable to "grow" any further. I decided it was time to seek out a Shaman as I had heard so many stories of healings, even though I wasn't sure what exactly it was that I was needing healing from. I just knew that traditional western medicine and therapy could only help me so much.

Charles pointed out things in me that I had long since put aside, as I had either blocked them out or thought that I had forgiven and moved on from. The insight into why I am the way I am was incredible.  The experience was jaw dropping at times. I don't know the technical way to explain what happened that night, but to me it was as if Charles could see through me... Pin point the areas of my energetic body that were clogged up... and could easily grab those blockages and make them dissipate. I felt pounds lighter driving home that night.

Since Tuesday, I have had a lot of time to reflect on our 2 hours together and I am just truly grateful that Spirit led me to him to get me out of this rut. In my family life an issue that has been boiling beneath the surface has finally erupted and is being dealt with. I am finding it easier to stand my ground; to not be fearful of everyone else's reactions as I feel more strength in my stance.

In my spiritual life I feel the veil has been lifted from some of the answers I have been searching for. And in relationship, my best friend and the mother of all skeptics concerning anything mystical or spirituality related has started coming to me for answers to confusion in her own awakening.

Like I said, I am not skeptical of shamanism, nor was I skeptical of Charles, but what I have experienced through knowing him is so much more than I was praying to find. But it's ok if you you are skeptical, go anyway! Like Charles will tell you... Belief is not required. :) 

Thank you Charles!


 Received April 5, 2015

Hi Charles, 

Here is the session report, sorry for the delay.

Prior to my first session with Charles i was coming of a very stressful weekend and had high levels of anxiety.  I have been struggling in finding my right career path thus it creating high levels of stress and dis-satisfaction at my current position. After calling Charles to coordinate my session, I immediately started feeling at ease.  

We decided to session the following evening.  During my session, Charles was very informative and patient. He was very aware and really listens to what i was saying and feeling.  He helped find and remove some old emotions from previous events and cycles with my father.  He also shared various exercises to protect myself from dark energies and really put me at ease.  I also received a recorded copy of my session, which was great to hear from a different prospective.

Two days after my session i did have a panic attack and set back.  I emailed Charles and he contacted me right away and helped me get through that episode.  I have been feeling much better and at peace since then.   I am grateful to have Charles as a resources and anyone that is considering his sessions should not hesitate.



 Received March 2015

Charles here is my session report:

Liberating and enlighten is what comes to mind when describing my session with Charles, a truly fascinating experience. Everyone seeking to remove emotional baggage or blockage should seek his assistance and wisdom in doing so. I'm grateful I got the opportunity to experience for myself how empowering one feels after healing ones emotional discernments.

A. R.

Received Jan 20, 2015

I came to Charles for help in releasing some old patterns and places I've always been emotionally stuck. I'd seen the substantial positive effect his work had on a client of mine (I'm a life coach) and I knew I could use his help. While I have no idea what he actually does, he worked miracles in releasing painful emotions from a traumatic experience in early childhood which has freed me from them for good. Immediately I felt lighter, clearer and more serene. But as the days went by I felt an inner strength begin to gather momentum, replacing the painful, shameful fear that I've lived with for 67 years. He worked wonders in the shortest time. I am most grateful.

I hope this gives you what you want. I meant every word of it....xs

S. B.

 Received Jan 2015

From a recent phone session.

Dear Charles,

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me, in all the time we have known each other.  Especially now today in my time of need you were there for me, and you are a most precious friend, as ever.

You are one unique and rare person in your own inimitable way.  No one can imitate you!

Your work is absolutely amazing.  It gets right down to the actual “esoteric” actuality.  However, the energy manifestation has real “substance” as “matter”, we simply are unable to see or “touch”.  You have learned the key to the generally un-seeable reality that while we “live” within our physical bodies, is contained in “physical content” that makes up the “energy substance” itself.

Thank you, Charles.  You are a master worker of the energy “left behind” when it is no longer needed or healthy psychologically and spiritually.  Thank you, also, for the recorded files. 

Bless you always, and I look forward to being connected again in our Great Work.  Important times for us all now on planet Earth.

With love and respect, your sister and friend,
Linda Santucci
Tucson, Arizona

Received Dec 29, 2013

From a recent  phone session.

I came to Charles for help in releasing some old patterns and places I've always been emotionally stuck. I'd seen the substantial positive effect his work had on a client of mine (I'm a life coach) and I knew I could use his help. While I have no idea what he actually does, he worked miracles in releasing painful emotions from a traumatic experience in early childhood which has freed me from them for good. Immediately I felt lighter, clearer and more serene. But as the days went by I felt an inner strength begin to gather momentum, replacing the painful, shameful fear that I've lived with for 67 years. He worked wonders in the shortest time. I am most grateful.



Received Dec 12, 2013

Thank you for your time you have changed my life



 Received Dec 11, 2013 

Charles... M. A. C. here!. This is so phenomenal! What I could not see, that now I can is amazing. No wonder I was so angry! My energy draining compulsive behavior has disappeared (just how many more years did I think I could keep all that up?!!) I am more focused and able to get more done. Stuff still coming up, but I am handling it. Wow!!!! This is so very cool and was so very very needed. Thank you so much!


 Received Dec 11, 2013

Regarding Class

Hi Charles,

I want to thank you for your lesson on traveling to a sacred place. The information about France was interesting too.



    Part two:

I have been able to put a conclusion to divorcing my former husband. It is quite freeing. He was very nice to me in many ways. He was mean to me too. I don't feel guilty for leaving him. Now I got into a doctor who can help me loose weight. At first she turned me down but when I talked to her about how things weren't working out w a nutritionist she took me. She is superb! All these wonderful people coming into my life.

Yesterday I was talking to R....... who I paid for him to see you. For as long as I've known him he has been sleep deprived. He was wondering if you did something to help him sleep better now. He can sleep to 11am now. His life has changed tremendously because of it. I think it was you that helped him. Now he can take care of me better.

My back went into place yesterday afternoon. I hope it stays there. Physical therapy went well today.

Best Regards


Received Dec 11, 2013 

look R.......this is what I can tell you...I have no ZERO feeling of anger at my mother, my brother, my father...I have some anxiety about dealing with financial stuff and institutions that I saw yesterday, but  do not feel afraid about losing money.  He said to give things a little time.  That if there was someone abusive where I was subservient in my life that should roll away and the relationship would adjust or fall apart.  I am waiting to see how that unfolds with M.........I am not yet feeling like King Kong, but I intend to get there.   If there were other unrelated fears re my body, my system should start to function batter...I still wake up with feeling of anger from the the middle of the night. Charles said to see how things went for a while and then we would connect....Let me know what you think about the experience.


 Received Dec 10, 2013


P....., per our conversation, I know that this guy can help with the extreme abuse you and your family are experiencing and it's affects financially and emotionally and I suggest you call him and talk about the situation, including you son, to see if/how he can help. 


Received Nov 21, 2013

 Immediately upon leaving my session, I felt a very real sense of relief. The burdens I had carried my entire life seemed to have been reduced to just a memory. Charles literally gave me my life back. Never before had I known a day without guilt or anger, but that night brought a new life to me. People noticed the changes immediately as well. My life now feels wide open and the possibilities are infinite! I will recommend his services to anyone who will listen for the rest of my days. I am forever grateful for his help.

Paul L.  

Received Nov 13, 2013

  Charles, I have been checking your website as you have requested on our phone conversation.  I started doing the exercise that you mentioned in The Exercise section.  I saw the link section and I send an e-mail to Mrs. Cindy to find out about the numbers "1111" that appears to me everywhere.  I thank you for taking the time and to offer the honesty of your services and advise.  


 Received Nov 11, 3013


I apologize for the delay in following up with you. Just now getting a free bit of time, haha. Things have definitely picked up in pace around me again. The feeling of stagnation has all but lifted as well. It was noticeable as soon as I left and has only improved. Hahaha. I never thought I would say this, but it sure is weird not being angry anymore. I have definitely been angered in situations but I don't seem to carry it around afterwards. It is a feeling of being unclogged and free for sure.

The week following our appointment also brought a lot of promise and an unexpected financial blessing as well. It would seem that I will be able to compensate you sooner than expected. I will ensure you receive that post haste. My mother also expressed interest in seeing you, so perhaps you will see an email from her soon. I am recommending your services to my trusted friends and will only continue to do so as much as possible. Once we are square, if permissible, I would greatly appreciate any direction or resources on continuing my education in the spiritual. It seemed as though I have a very rudimentary grasp of what you've been greatly educated in, and I would sincerely be thankful for any guidance you can provide.

Okay. I'm sure you've read enough novels without me adding to them. Hahaha. I will also post on your website in the very near future as you requested. Again, sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for giving me my life back. Everything feels completely possible again. I am forever in your debt. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Thank you again.



Received Oct 5, 2013 (From phone session)



Things have been so much better since my visiting with your this week. Thank you for your words of wisdom and all your help. It is appreciated more than you know.

Thanks again,


Received Sept 22, 2013


Part two:

Charles, i need to update you -- m neck pain was gone as of last night and I spent most of the night reviewing what we talked about. I feel completely guilt free after our session and so empowered to move forward. that coupled with a great session with T.I. he worked on my neck as well,  i feel like a new person, I love you I still feel like that little blonde girl that that the Nazis took away. my dream before I met you was black streaming something out of my body like a purifying, cleansing, and there is so much more that comes to mind re my father not paying attention to me thus my need for other men to do so.

 Received Sept 22, 2013



I want to thank you as my neck pain has gone away and my whole outlook on me having guilt has changed ! I feel so much better and powered to face life's challenges I may need one more session but I thank you!!!


 Received May 13, 2013


Mr. Crooks,

I want to tell you that my son D------ called me on his way home from his appointment with you & I have to say he sounded so much better than he has in a long time...He had so much to tell me & I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you've done...I'm  grateful for the gifts you possess !!!! Again thank you ...S.C.

May 9, 2013


Hi Charles,

This is Vi......., following up.  I'm feeling better, more energy.

Received March 28, 2013

(From Phone Session)


Dear Charles,

I spoke with you yesterday. I don't know how you do what you do, but I am beyond grateful. I know we talked at least 3 times. I guess I was a hard case. I have spoken to counselors and no effect what so ever. With you I gave all my trust and for me that is not easy. I told you so many things I would never tell anyone, including counselors or friends for that matter. I finally feel like a big huge black cloud isn't following me any longer. I feel light and I wish I could share your gift. I truly truly thank you Charles.

Peace to you and yours!!!!


Sent March 5, 2013

 No worries about the distance. I’ve got clients worldwide.

I’m booked most of the day today. If you have questions, call me after 5 pm.

Received March 5, 2


I thought after the last e-mail you would just look away. I didn't get your e-mail till after 10 pm. So you have done all this for me. I will take a brave wind of breath and call you tomorrow after 5pm, come heck or wild wind. Thank you, thank you!

Received March 4, 2012

I am too afraid to ask for counseling. I thought I could but reading the site I live so far away. I would make payments but I truly don't have a way out there. I live in the Houston area with no vehicle. So I truly don't know what to do. I have a phone but no transportation there. But I will make payments before you even counsel me. Thank you but I don't know how we can do that from such a distance.

I'm sorry, the reason I am writing so much is for my brother and I. We were abused as children. My mother was the abuser and I could tell you horror truth. How she burnt us with cigarettes, how we had no food, how she sexually had my brother abused, how I was sexually abused, how she denies everything, how at at 3 and 5 my brother had to fend for ourselves on the street at that age, how our house was known as the Whore House on A-------- Look it up, it is in ------- , --. And the worst thing is she slept with all my brothers friends, they came back when my brother wasn't there, but I could hear it. Now who in the world would believe that? And I had to watch out for the prostitutes bringing in John's so I would not get raped. Nightmare! She still denies it but my brother found out ....... He didn't know the guys were trying to get at me. My mother condoned one of them for trying to rape me. She actually smirked. But I broke out the window........ Oh I could go on and on. No lies, but how in the world do you tell someone this happened and actually believe you? I learned you can't. So up until I have. After my brother died I will not be quiet any longer. But I am still afraid.

Sent Feb 28


No worries.
Give me a call later today, and we'll see what the schedule looks like.



 Received Feb 27, 2012

I live on a VA check, ----.00 a month. Is there any way I can make payments?
I have no car.

 Received Dec 12, 2012

Charles... M. A.  here!. This is so phenomenal! What I could not see, that now I can is amazing. No wonder I was so angry! My energy draining compulsive behavior has disappeared (just how many more years did I think I could keep all that up?!!) I am more focused and able to get more done. Stuff still coming up, but I am handling it. Wow!!!! This is so very cool and was so very very needed. Thank you so much!

Received Nov, 2012


Thank you for taking the time with my friend Cheryl on Sunday. I really wanted her to meet you. Also L---- told me you had agreed to see D------ during the Christmas holidays. I appreciate that you're willing to do that. Most of all thank you for helping me.


 Received June 2012


Thank you for the wonderful work you do. I appreciate the sessions and all the time you so graciously spent on the phone afterwards to continue to resolve issues.

A God's abundant blessings fill your life with love light and unbounded joy blessings,


 Received 03/12/12


Thank you so much for your dedication, love, and passion for the work you do our life is so much better as a result of your work we look forward to you helping K.....and J..... and them making their transformation.


 Received Feb, 2012


Thank you for all your healings, teachings and patience.


Received Oct 23, 2011

I wanted to thank Charles for helping to remove blocks and cure me of my nut allergy. I've had this for the past few years and have had to neglect many of my favorite foods. Even something that did not contain nuts, but was simply processed in a facility that processes nuts still affected me. I'm happy to say since I've seen Charles I am cured of this. I have tried peanut butter and other foods over the past few weeks with no problems. I'm excited and grateful to Charles.

Received Oct 3, 2011



 Thank you so much for the removal of the traumas that I had been dragging along with me for several centuries in my different incarnations. Now that those feelings of betrayal, anger, guilt, fear, etc., have been permanently removed, I feel like a different person - as if a huge load has been lifted off of me!  It was also extremely interesting to visit a past life through your talent as this accounts for a lot of my views about religion and the Catholic Church ever since I was a small boy.  I have known this information intuitively and now you have confirmed it.  Let me hasten to add that there is no way at all that you could have been aware of this information in advance as we have never met or had any communication whatsoever prior to my session with you.

 (Bold highlighting by me)

 The work you did on both my legs and feet is also working well. The numbness is slowly going away and I have a lot more movement in my legs and feet than before. As you know, my daughter Dolly is a Bio Energetic Systems Technique (B.E.S.T.) Chiropractor and she was amazed at the difference in the movement of my feet when she adjusted me prior to my return to Puerto Rico. They are no longer "locked-up".

 Once again, thank you so much for all your excellent work on myself. 

I am recommending you to all the people I know stateside and in Puerto Rico.

 Best Regards,

William L_____


This is the response to my request received Oct 14

I don't really know how to answer that question.  Around Memorial Day, I demoted my oncologist - to technician.  When it became apparent that I had greater expectations (more optimism, hope, and the like) than he for my body's ability to heal/recover, I quit asking him for opinions, predictions, etc. In July, the PET scan showed no evidence of metabolic activity consistent with rapidly growing (i.e., cancerous) tissue.  There were lumpy masses, but they weren't growing.  In September, the masses were completely gone.  To be honest, I don't know what anyone "expected" but I don't think that they would disagree that this is an 'unanticipated' result.  I would consider it to be miraculous, I am healed, and "cured" although they won't use that word.   I am using that word. 

Gratefully yours,


Initiated a request for more information Oct 14



Thank you for your kind note. 

 Out of curiosity, was it considered to have a “Clear” PET scan after the treatment received to be “above and/or better than average”? Or, was it expected to show some items still needing attention?

 Glad to here the old wounds and a few other things are no longer burdens for you.

 Look forward to your reply,

 Thank you,


Received 09/12/11


Thank you so much for transforming our whole family. We are extremely grateful to you.


Received 07/2011


Thank you so much for your assistance. Your graciousness in making yourself available is so appreciated.


 Received 07/15/2011




Thank you so much for helping me. You shared a lot of wisdom with me and I like to be a review it and recall it's better so I can reflect on it. I don't know whether you mail it or email it but either way I like to pay a little more you certainly helped me more than I expected.

You are an amazing healer and have already recommended you to several people including my naturopath, who asked if she could recommend you to some of her patients. I gave your name.


Fredericksburg, Virginia

 Received 03/11/11

thank you so much for helping me with my cousin. She is a very sweet spirit. I am so excited that she had the opportunity to clean up some of her past baggage, she is so ready for you.


Received Oct 12, 2010


I hope this finds you well.  My name is Su------ and I had a consultation with you in the Spring of this year.  At that time, I was receiving chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer.  I completed chemotherapy in August and my most recent PET scan in September was beautifully and completely clear and clean of anything that was not supposed to be there. 

I'm writing because I have continued to utilize the white light visualization you taught me and have found it very empowering - largely in overall maintenance, but particularly helpful when the fear of recurrence sneaks in through a random twinge or I doubt my body's ability to continuously heal itself.  I have also added chakra grenades - so I explode colored light balls inside for instant chakra blockage blowouts and clearing.

In addition, I truly feel that your intervention (critter removal, and emotional healing) activated the critical aspect of the healing of my physical, emotional, and spiritual body. I felt a lightness, and a protective radiance surrounding me (surrounding me still) after our session.  Old emotional wounds from this life and several before were brought into the light and healed.  I have experienced such a sense of peace.

I am so grateful to you, for you and your work, and for being led to you.

 With tremendous love and gratitude,


Received  08/20/10


Charles -

 I wanted to write a note to thank you for all you do.

I so appreciate the fact that you are always available to those in immediate need of help.

You are definitely a very gifted "Teacher and Light worker" who unselfishly shares your spiritual gifts of healing and understanding with those who are blessed to be your students and recipients of your work.



My life has changed because of your healing work and your many years of learning and working with others have proven to be so beneficial to many.

I never hesitate in recommending you to those I know, and they have always been very grateful for the referral.

May the blessings of Spirit continue to fill your life with great joy and happiness for that is what you help others to achieve.


Received  12/09


Thank you again for the constructive positive and healing influences the work has been in my life for the several years now.  It is very comforting to walk "the path less traveled" with an enlightened teacher and friend such as yourself. Our classes are a substantial source of awakening, motivation, direction, and strength to me, and so many others as well. I will be forever grateful and appreciative


 12/10/09 Recent Healing


For many years I have attended Charles classes off and on, plus had a number of private sessions; in fact, he is my go-to guy when it comes to effective and lasting healing. Over this period of time I have also done the exercise and can speak to its efficacy.  I have also explored other healing techniques  and understand the significance of erroneous and fearful thinking, so when I get in trouble, it is because I have ignored my own warning signals and not done the clearing work necessary to complete a total healing. 

You may explain this as karmic, however, with knowledge comes responsibility. This past year I had trouble with my vision and about six months ago, Charles removed some stuff and my vision became clear.  If you have seen Charles work in this manner you have seen him pull so-called invisible strings or energy out of the energy field around your body. You might call this stuff unwanted, stagnant or lower vibrational thoughts you know, those thoughts of fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, the thoughts we do not want to own, but really have created. Some of these thoughts come from habit. Its as if they all get together and form a dark gooey monster.

Recently, I started having trouble with the vision in my left eye. Within a day, my vision was blurry and I had black clouded images. I immediately started thinking about losing my vision, not being able to work, etc. I am sure that thinking just added to the fear. Remember I said Charles was my go-to guy, so I called him and he suggested I come to his next class that week.

Let me also say that Charles does not fit into any mold you might consider for a healer. I tell my friends that he is very direct in his communication, he does not sugarcoat his messages, and you may not like what he says, but I recommend him.  With this in mind and knowing that the only option was to receive a total healing, I went to class. (I could tell from my classmates that they could sense or see something was awry since I did not get the usual hugs. Of course, I knew something was up, my vision was in a crisis state.) Towards the end of the class, Charles decided to work on my eye. From across the room he started pulling the messy energy out of my eye. Others in the room could see on an astral level the dark energy being pulled out. After getting a handful of this yucky energy, the shaman-at-work threw the ball towards the light of the sun.  This was not the end of it. Over the next five minutes, Charles removed the darkness that was around my whole body, it was all connected and he patiently and persistently pulled the energy out.  I was not able to see this darkness, only the manifested lack of clear vision, not the form that the dark energy took which might look like a monster or creature to some. After removing this huge form, I totally felt better, my vision was clear,   I was actually relieved. 

Without going into the aspects of healing, I can only express my gratitude for the work Charles does.  He is someone you can approach, ask questions, and gain an understanding for your own spiritual growth and awareness.  Mostly, this is done through humor. At the same time, Charles takes the healing work seriously and you know he is dedicated to bringing light to the planet. Along with this miraculous healing came some advice about being careful with whom I hang out with; in other words, consider the thoughts/people I entertain and mingle with thoughts of a higher vibration, the vibration of love.  Simply put, staying in the vibration of love is key to seeing clearly! Now my vision is clear and my energy body vibrant and healthy.

Thank you, Charles.




After my last session with Charles, I felt like I had had about 30 years of anger dissolved in about 30 minutes. It was the oddest sensation and it felt so freeing. I still have things to resolve, or let go of, and by no means is my journey complete, but I am well on the way to the peace that I desire in my life. After all, it is already a part of my life. It is just a matter of time until I allow myself to actually feel peaceful.

 So, if someone were to ask me if the work is worth the benefits and if Charles is "the real deal", I would tell you unreservedly, ”YES, it is, and YES, he is”. He is truly a gifted healer, and my life is richer for having met him.


 11/01/09 Private Session


I have found the work we did in our last session the most effective and useful I have ever experienced. Working through the twin issues of rejection and worthlessness has offered more freedom than I ever knew. Thanks, Charles for your help!


 09/13/09 Private Session


I wanted to write and say thank you once again for doing whatever it is that you do during our appointment on Thursday, September 10. I'm still not sure I understand what happened but I do know that something happened. I've felt like a new man since our visit. I've heard people that survive cancer say that they never knew just how much pain they were in until their cancer went away and they were off medication, out of chemo, and free of the disease. They then realized just how much they had been hurting all the time. I feel the same way. I had no idea just how much rage, anger, frustration, depression, unworthiness, and sadness were a part of my everyday existence until you took them away and I could experience life without them. Those strong, negative emotions - always so readily accessible to me in the past - are no longer there. In my mind I can remember them, but it's like remembering a movie I saw or a book I read. The emotion attached to those memories is no longer with me. Thank you! I feel as if I've been reborn.  In many ways I'm seeing the world and relating to people for the first time - but as an adult. It's a great feeling and I'm still getting used to it. My body feels different. My perceptions have changed. My sense of what is possible for me is totally different. I'm interacting with people in new ways.

 As I mentioned during our session I've been a student of metaphysics for almost 25 years. In that time I've consulted psychics of every type, Astrologers, Reiki masters, Tantric practitioners, Energy Workers, Yogis, etc. etc. I've often gotten useful information and/or felt better when I left them but it was never lasting, nor that effective, because as I found out after seeing you, they never got to the core of the problem. They were treating symptoms not healing the disease. For years, I've had psychics tell me, "You could do this" or "You should be a healer" or "You can be an energy worker" and part of me wanted to, but I was never sold on any particular school of energy work. I dabbled in Reiki and other energy work modalities for a time but never got that into it. Perhaps I was waiting to find one that actually worked. What you did is/was amazing - even more so because it didn't involve any props, or new age music, or hocus pocus, or even my belief in it. It bypassed all the logic and sensory bullxxxx and went straight to the heart of the matter to get real and (I trust) lasting results.




Hello Charles,

After I got in the car looked at the clock, I was shocked to see what time it was. I meant to thank you for being so patient and take as much time with me.


I already feel so much better and probably will be turning out to be one of your more remarkable success stories.




"Yes, there are angels living among us. Sometimes they choose to be seen, other times they are hidden. But if we allow it, we all can witness their help, guiding us toward a more constructive path. Thankfully, I permitted a most noteworthy angel to enter my life. He would support my effort, helping me allow all the goodness of the universe to come my way. His name is Charles Crooks."  an excerpt from  'Awakening the Spirit:  The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles' by Cindy L. Herb



Dear Charles,

Thanks for all your teachings, support, understanding and compassion in my spiritual development; and for enriching my life in the ways you do. I have studied various methods of healing modalities for over 18 years, found countless healers and different methods for my personal healing and personal development; however, I have found the methods that you use are the most all-encompassing, and complete healing, I have ever experienced. Thank you once more. M. H. Teacher, Healer & Writer




I contracted pneumonia and was very sick. I went in to the doctor on Friday and they did a lung x-ray confirming I did have pneumonia but did not put me in the hospital. Two days later even with antibiotics I could not breathe and was getting worse. So I called Charles and he worked on me remotely. The next day I went back to the doctor and they did another x-ray and were amazed that my lungs were clear!




Good Morning Charles

 It was great to see you again yesterday at the Psychic Fair and to get a reading from you! Your past readings have always brought a bit of humor to the truths about myself. :)

Please add me to your mailing list again for your newsletter. I am interested in your classes in Dallas on Wed nights and would like the details of when and where.



Katie says, "Hello Mr. Crooks.

I met you last year at the psychic fair and then had a private session with you. It was amazing! My girlfriend went to you afterwards and she is no longer scared of dogs. You are incredible!".



I will never forget the first time I meet you, it was January 6th 2008. Angie suggested that I go to you at first I will admit I wasn't sure about talking to man, for I have always had a wall up against men and it has always been hard for me to trust men.  That first day I talked to you and you said that I had a tough past year with my husband going to Iraq at the moment I knew you knew what you were doing since I hadn't told you about that past year yet! You had told me that if I didn't start getting Josh out of the house to take walks or to get his anger out that more in likely he would pick up drinking at first I was so worried but you assured me that I was a strong women and that I would know just what to do.  Month and a half after that Josh was even more tense and angry I knew I had to do something I had a strong feeling that I needed to go to Pet smart it was just out of the blue I did and it was adoption day and at first I thought I was crazy for adopting a 2 year old dog but I had a strong feeling she needed to be apart of our family.  We have had her for a year now and she is Josh's dog from the day I brought her home he took the challenge of walking her and training her I saw a big change in him and still to this day she has rescued our family from what might of happened if I didn't go to Pet smart.


This year that I have been working with you has had some rough times just like my whole life.  However I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to look in the mirror and say im beautiful! A month ago I had a personal session with you that was amazing even though I cried I was able to laugh as well.  For the first time in my life I can also say that the things that happened to me in my childhood was not my fault at all, I had lived my whole childhood even into my adulthood blaming myself today though all those events no longer bother me I know they were not my fault.   Because all the events that happened to me while I was younger I had feared that I wouldn't be a good mom, that my kids would grow up and not like me, today that's different I not only see a beautiful person in the mirror but I also see a GREAT mom someone that the kids love and enjoying being around me.  My relationship with my husband Josh is different to I never thought I could love him more than I already did but I see him different now I know I have no reason to fear him or any worry that he will leave me because I'm no longer afraid of men like I have been for so long. I use to wonder how in the world did I walk down that aisle and actually get married with the wall I had built up because of men I know now though Josh was sent to me for a reason a  purpose to show me that not all men are like the ones I had grown up with and you have helped me break that wall down and trust people allot more now.

Charles the work you have done with my family not just with me but helping with Josh and the kids has helped us to get to places in our lives that we never thought we would be. Were not as scared about the things we use to be. Josh and I both see ourselves great parents and the urge to do more with them and that there isn't enough time to be upset there's only time to have fun and be happy.  Of course we will all have our days that things bug us and we get mad but the anger level in our house is so much lower now than it had been.  Thanks for all the work you have done with us and will do with us.

I told you this morning I'm ready to move with military 2 yrs. ago even a yr. ago i would of have said not yet i have to become stronger and be able to be away from the only town I have ever lived in today I can, with all the work we have done i am STRONGER and I can do it.  I look forward to doing more work with you.

Norita Nurss



One of the issues that came up during another healing session with Charles was memories of physical intimidation from my father, as well as physical intimidation and violence from my older brother.  The earliest core memory I had from this was my father's blind fist grabbing and swinging at me and my siblings (from his drivers seat) on road trips to "keep us in line" never knowing who would feel the wrath of his anger.  Charles worked on dissolving these memories with white light.  As he was working, I could immediately feel the emotional charge from these memories dissipate with the memories themselves fading away, becoming difficult to remember.



When I called Charles yesterday, he was very gracious and remembered me.  I told him about the condition that I was in.  He grew silent for a little while and then he would ask me if so and so was true in my life.  I confirmed that it was.  He went silent again, then asked me if so and so was true in my life.  Again, I confirmed that it was.  His insights were very keen.  This went on for several more minutes.  Then he asked me if I was feeling better.  And I did!  My grogginess had lifted and I felt physically stronger.  He invited me to come to his Wednesday group later that day.

At the meeting, he told me to let him know if I began to feel any uncomfortable sensations.  A few minutes later, I told him that I was feeling a tightness in my chest, which is not uncommon for me.  He would worked with me, but the sensation didn't go away at first.  It just changed.  After working on me several more times, the tightness was gone!

Today, I woke up before the alarm went off (VERY unusual for me) feeling clear-headed, energetic and WITH NO HEADACHE!!!  This is truly amazing, nothing less that a miracle. 

Working with Charles for a relatively short period of time resulted in tremendous results.  I owe Charles a debt of gratitude.



"Initially I had sought out Charles in order to drop pounds. He did help me in that area. Since working with him, I have been gradually losing weight. Even though the premise for my contacting Charles was to lose something, I gained so much more. It was his love, understanding, compassion, honesty, honor, and humility. He supported me by allowing me to discover that I have them also and that, to be completely happy, it would be beneficial to live by these attributes."  an excerpt from 'Awakening the Spirit:  The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles' by Cindy L. Herb



Good morning, Charles.  Thanks so much for all you did to help me yesterday. 

Over the last six or so weeks I had been attending various workshops, including Charles' Wednesday night group.  At each of these occasions, I was invited to go deeply within.  Toward the end of each of these occasions, I would develop a horrible migraine headache and would have to take strong pain medication because the pain was unbearable.  Last Saturday, I attended a workshop on breath work and meditation.  With each exercise, I was able to go into a trance.  Each time, I was able to go into the trance progressively deeper and more quickly.  By the end of the workshop, about 5 in the afternoon, I could feel a headache beginning to develop.  I was in excruciating pain by 8 that night and had to take very strong pain medication because the pain was absolutely unbearable.  Whenever, I took that much medication, I could expect a 2-3 day hangover.

So, by Tuesday I expected to start feeling better.  Not this time.  By Wednesday, I was still groggy and weak.  I called Charles.  We had only met once, at his Wednesday night group four weeks earlier.  I had had to leave the group as soon as it was over, unable to even stay and be courteous and say my good byes.  The pain was so excruciating that all I felt like doing was leaving and taking my pain medication as soon as possible.

When I called Charles yesterday, he was very gracious and remembered me.  I told him about the condition that I was in.  He grew silent for a little while and then he would ask me if so and so was true in my life.  I confirmed that it was.  He went silent again, then asked me if so and so was true in my life.  Again, I confirmed that it was.  His insights were very keen.  This went on for several more minutes.  Then he asked me if I was feeling better.  And I did!  My grogginess had lifted and I felt physically stronger.  He invited me to come to his Wednesday group later that day.

At the meeting, he told me to let him know if I began to feel any uncomfortable sensations.  A few minutes later, I told him that I was feeling a tightness in my chest, which is not uncommon for me.  He would worked with me, but the sensation didn't go away at first.  It just changed.  After working with me several more times, the tightness was gone!

Today, I woke up before the alarm went off (VERY unusual for me) feeling clear-headed, energetic and WITH NO HEADACHE!!!  This is truly amazing, nothing less that a miracle.  Working with Charles for a relatively short period of time resulted in tremendous results.  I owe Charles a debt of gratitude.

Again, Charles, thank you so much.  I need to ask you if you are willing to work with me further between now and the time I find a job and can pay you your going rate.  I have several issues that are really causing me serious problems in my day to day life.





Hi Charles:

I had my first reading with you Sunday and loved it!!! Felt so much better throughout the day
I'd love to take a class ..(no new classes posted on your web site) and / or have a private reading. I am the acupuncturist you met  ( had long hair) and don't know what you charge, or if you are guided to trade. Either way, let me know

Charles Crooks is one of the most caring individuals I know. Tireless in his efforts, he truly loves humanity and seeks to help others, educating them on the skills necessary to find their own spiritual truth and heal, if they so choose. Since meeting Charles, my life has changed 180 degrees. I am more intuitive, have incredible visions, but more importantly, I am happy.

 The first class I ever attended under Charles' tutelage was entitled, "Reincarnation Experiment." (Around 2007) This subject had always intrigued me. According to the class description, we would be able to see past lives, which indeed fascinated me!  Frankly, I was skeptical as I approached the class.

 I was amazed at what I saw! It rather freaked me out because I could not believe I was actually seeing the visions presented before me. Nevertheless, I definitely could not deny it. It was there! This was real!





Thank you so much for being such a guiding light and transformational presence in my life. Your dedication and service to the "lighted path" is a tremendous benefit to all who encounter you and our earth planet as well.




Hi Charles,
I just wanted to let you know that I feel so different after last week. Weird, but I feel almost as though I had so much clutter in my head before that I could hardly think straight. As if I couldn't control what I was thinking about. For the first time in my life, I feel like my head is clear. Thank you.




I just wanted to thank you for helping me to finally get pain free after all these years! The pain in my back started over 30 years ago and has continually gotten worse and worse to the point of limiting my quality of life, particularly due to all the pain medication doctors had put me on.

 An added plus in getting rid of the constant pain is the ability I now have to be able to take deep breaths and finally relax. What a glorious feeling. How different one's day looks when you find yourself driving to work and dancing in your seat to the music blaring on the radio and smiling to yourself. I love having that "feel young" feeling again, which I thought would never be a part of me any longer. I also find my confidence is soaring more and more!  Since meeting you and going to some of your classes and private sessions, you have helped me to make miraculous advances in a short time that others over years of work could not even get close to achieving. My mental outlook and strides of betterment in my life have continually improved by leaps and bounds. What is even more dramatic - I have been on a mission to get away from medical doctors and strive for finding the root cause of all my pain and unhappiness, and every time I thought I found something or someone that could get me in the right direction, I would always end up back to where I started even though I followed their regimens to the "T"; now at last I am finding the various root causes (in this life and before) with your guidance and expertise.

 But your approach Charles was totally from another aspect and I would have never in a million years thought to go in that direction. I enjoy each and every session we have and the different avenues we go in to explore my inner self. For the first time in so many years, I have a more positive outlook and hope for betterment and improvement in my life. Now I don't feel like I am on a downward slide to an early old age, but rather a happy go lucky let's see what new challenge life can bring to me now. :-)  K. N.


If you would like to download the brochure with testimony in an 8x11 format, please use this link.

 Brochure Version 2.8.4 PDF file size is now only 775k