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Emotional Trauma Removal

 In the private sessions and/or classes, there is no nonsense as to the work.


I will not and do not need to have any physical contact with the client.


 If you wish to see an actual public group healing in 2015 at Satori, where people reported their emotional items were dissolved, please use the following links.


Video Public Healing Session 2015


Transcription of the Public Healing Session 2015

Belief is not required for success in this work.

A private session lasts approximately one and one half to two hours. The process is done at the office or by phone if needed.

As a matter of respect and safety at any time in the session there will always be a distance of 6 feet between us.

Part of this work has to do with not only resolving initial problems and trauma that one may have but also giving a brief education on how things work. For example, we will examine the nature of the intellect and how and why it collects things and places them in certain areas, which are harmonically related to our life in our body. There is no way that you will be able to remember everything that is taught to you during the first part of the session. That is the reason I do record the session and you will have a copy. 

During the first part of the session, I will also ask you some questions to get a good idea of what areas you would like to take care of. Furthermore, I will do a scan, which will give me good idea of the nature of items we need to address. Where this gets interesting, is I will oftentimes find information you may have forgotten to tell me about in the initial interview, which will make it easier for me to succeed in our task.

Everything we do in a session is based upon your grant of be authority to remove a particular thing or not. The granting of authority is really quite simple. If I see something, I will ask you if it is okay to address the particular item. If permission is not granted will move on to the next item. Once you grant permission, I will have you hold onto the emotion associated with the particular event for about a minute. While you are holding onto the item during that minute, I will go inside the system and find were the item (Emotionally determined Thought Energy Matrix™) is located in the intellect. Once I find it, I will extract it, encapsulate it, disassemble it, transfer to a dust condition, and then send it into the Light for purification. If my aim is any good, the emotional component that memory will be gone. You will not be able find it or re-create it. This is permanent.

Upon completing the task, we will then run a series of test to verify that all items are dissolved.  I am using the term dissolved for specific reason here. That is we are not moving one thing from one place to another, but are actually dissolving the emotionally charged thought energy matrix also known as a program.

Dissolving the program, it no longer has the ability to affect the vital life force of the body. A good example of this would be if someone had extreme issues on the father side having no confidence in themselves believing they are not good enough. Since that would be their reality, then the vital life force, which has to do with keeping, the body strong will be restricted in those areas. People have these particular items are likely to have issues with strength in the back area not to mention circulation problems with a few other odds and ends.

Another interesting side note regarding father issues has to do with authority figures. Regarding the mother side of the equation, many times an individual will be attracted to relationships which are unstable and sometimes abusive.

The work consists of the removal of burdens associated with past traumas, emotional and or physical, including misunderstandings.

There are times when people through no fault of their own become infested with dark entities. If I see them I will remove them sending them into the light for complete dissolution by integrating into the light itself.  There is no additional charge for the service.

Where this work differs from other systems as whereas other systems are unable to get to the core, the thought energy matrix, they are unable to make permanent fixes to an individual's reality. In this work I have the ability to permanently dissolve thought energy matrix is associated with the emotional components of our life.

 There is another interesting aspect of this work. That is as you will still have memories of the events. However, the emotional component and/or charge will longer be there. It has been described when one re-examined an assault or event of some sort to be of the same emotional component is reading a newspaper article. The memory is there but no charge.

Many other healing systems are not designed to detect and or remove any entities found.  If you would like to read what others are saying about this work, please use this link. Testimony

On average, 78% of my clients require only one session.

Pets are like people, just sometimes easier to bring about a healing of an ailment.

House Clearing.  If you have some problems in your house, most of the work can be done remotely.  On site, work is available.

Charges for the services listed above are two hundred dollars per session.  All matters dealing with funds will be clearly discussed before any work is done. 

Three days after the primary session a 10 to 30 minute phone call will be made to make sure that we got everything on the list.

As with the classes, I also provide "Spiritual Scholarships". In other words, if you are short of funds, please contact me privately.