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The Exercise

Clarification update 12/07/2015

The following is the exercise that I talk about in my presentations.  It is short and simple.  Bypassing the intellect and dealing directly with the "inner-self", one can cause changes in their world, or reality.  I know this is a rather vague explanation of this process and I will in the future write further on this subject. 

  • This Exercise only works if your attitude is that of a pure gift.  One given without expectation, otherwise failure will result, other words, an attitude of an Angel, Complete Love, and Compassion. 

  • This Exercise does not cause you to forgive anyone. 

  • This exercise helps you to turn the issue over to Spirit.  They are better at dealing with these things than we are. 

Start with a Father or Mother figure, preferably the actual Father or Mother, or the person who represented that role in your life.  Put the individual in your minds’ eye.  Immediately, place White Soft Light, Love and Compassion around the image in you minds’ eye.  Hold this condition for anywhere from five to fifteen seconds.  Then STOP the exercise.  This will set the condition in your reality.  This action will reprogram the intellect bringing you closer to your True Spiritual Essence. Doing so will eliminate destructive patterns. Shortly you will notice improvements. 

This sounds very simple, yet as we define our world, without denial we sooner or later realize that we do have a choice in how our lives are experienced. Have you ever noticed how people, including total strangers respond to you in such a manner as to reflect your general attitude at that moment. If you are happy, they are given by you the permission to respond to you in like manner?. If you are conflicted, or angry, they will also respond in such a manner as to allow you to experience your reality of discord.

There is a plethora of scientific study supporting the very things stated here. Yet, to go into the details of the work previously set out is not the purpose of this effort. But I must also suggest examining the "Experiments On Water". Please also consider what the latest thinking of "Quantum Physics" has to say regarding the power or our thoughts. 

If you want Light, make it. If you want Love, love. If you want Respect, give respect to all. If you want Peace, go to a Peace rally, not to am anti-war rally. That which you place your attention, will be. Look around, you'll find evidence everywhere validating that of which we realize.