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Charles' Bio

Charles was born in 1948. However, by 1953 Charles noticed that he knew of certain things that could not have been known by that time. These things were not discovered by Charles until many years later. For instance, he knew the location in Los Angeles Harbor of previous railroad lines as they existed in 1945, three years before his birth. At the time of his realization, the lines were not only buried in some places, but a new channel had been cut where they could not be seen physically. However, Charles simply ‘knew’ they were there.

To test his knowledge, he researched the area and discovered he was correct in his ‘knowing’ of their existence. In addition, although laser light[1] was not discovered until the early 1960’s, Charles had knowledge of it beforehand. Also, the first no-line or ‘seamless’ bifocals[2] came along in the mid-1950’s. Yet, Charles knew about them before such usage. Furthermore, without researching their existence before his awareness of particular things, he could identify other phenomena occurring in the past, before he was born, such as the shape of the continents prior to their split up.  

Charles always knew that he had a ‘Guardian’ who advised him in many issues. It was this Guardian who provided the details for his later revelations. However, it was not until he was in his mid-twenties before he began applying his knowledge in a more constructive way, assisting others in their own spiritual healing.

Specifically, his constructive process began in 1972 when, after selling a car to a psychic, Charles started attending classes to enhance his intuitive and healing skills more fully. Two years later, he started doing reading and healing work.

Throughout the ages, there have been people laboring in the Good Work and Continuing Effort, referring to the Spiritual Aspects of any effort carrying the Constructive Attributes of Love, Understanding and Compassion, as well as Honesty, Honor, Humility. Their efforts have set the stage for humanity’s continual spiritual awakening. Some examples of these individuals are Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Gautama Buddha, Moses, Abraham, Khatami, and the Dalai Lama.

Around 1992, Charles initiated a gift, which drew the attention of a couple of people, who were already well versed and working in the spiritual arena. These individuals were doing the Good Work like others described above.

To determine the necessity of further work, several configuration tests, of which Charles was unaware, were performed to establish whether further investigation would be necessary. Afterwards, it was decided that more work was indeed required. Therefore, additional work began to be conducted. This was now done with Charles's knowledge.

So, later in 1994, Charles took a camping trip with some friends to the desert in West Texas. Little did he know what was to follow, as it wasn’t until he was in the desert, toward the end of the first day, that he received instructions. He was then instructed to begin a journey of a certain length. Therein and afterwards, previous titles from other existences were returned to him. In addition, many things became known, including different races other than humanity, various healing systems, and how things work in the five realms available to humanity.

After the trip to the West Texas Desert, several other trips to remote locations were also completed that year.

As the series of events since beginning the Good Work were most profound, Charles chose not to use the term ‘Shaman’ until necessity made its use unavoidable. He states, “This is a delicate matter requiring the most serious contemplation. It is not a hat that one puts on after a short training session, but the result of many years of preparation, assuring the strength and principles of the individual chosen to take on this work.” It took several years for the completion of first phase of the work and another ten years before the second phase of the work was finished.

He states, “A profound change occurred in his approach to his life and the purpose of his work.”  He further states, “As a result, life has changed for the better.”

Charles’s job as a Shaman consists of performing the Good Work and The Continuing Effort that is associated with the Light, including the Constructive Attributes of Love, Understanding, Compassion, Honesty, Honor, Humility. The Continuing Effort is an on-going process designed to transform the baser non-constructive attributes of humanity to those Constructive Attributes listed above. His goal is to transfer the Gnosis (or first-hand knowledge) of Light to others, and in so doing, the information becomes ‘known’ to that person. Charles states, “It is through this process, where the truths within become revealed, peace returns, and the person becomes a Carrier of Light.”

After over forty years of system training, and as a direct result of the journey taken, Charles heals others by using a system he has developed that works faster and more completely than any previous system of healing that he had earlier learned. He assists others in releasing burdens they may carry from experiences in both this life and past lives. Some of these burdens are misunderstandings, judgments, old angers, fears, shames and any other acts that do not support a spiritual life.  His system of healing will help one reestablish one’s connection to one’s own ‘Spiritual Tradition,’ whatever that may be, as it does not interfere with other systems or religions.

Part of Charles’s developed system includes the creation of The Exercise as described in Chapter 6. Regarding that Exercise, while Charles had issues with his father, he was disowned, and wherein three years elapsed with no contact with his father, whereby he wrote The Exercise. After doing The Exercise for three months, his father called him out of the blue, and stated, “It was time to bury the hatchet.” Charles further states, “I did not fix my father, I fixed me. I gave him permission to respect me.” Afterwards, we became good friends until his death in 1991.

Part of Charles’ reason for writing this e-book is to give the reader a basic understanding of how the Intellect works and provide an exercise, if done properly, which will clear up all traumas permanently.

On this website, there are over twenty unrehearsed videos, including an actual group healing session done in 2015 where people in the audience reported relief from some of their burdens.