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About the Work

This site is dedicated to those before us who have labored in the Good Work.
Their past efforts throughout the endless ages have set  the stage for mankind's continual spiritual awakening.
The terms Good Work and Continuing Effort refers to the Spiritual Aspects of any effort carrying the attributes of;
 Love, Understanding, Compassion, Honesty, Honor, and Humility. 
The means always justifies the ends.

Within this site, you'll find information regarding the Good Work, and links to other sites to aid you in your search.  It is important that if you, or anyone decides to take on the task of supporting the Good Work, that at all times consider any information presented by me or anyone else to be considered information only, subject to validation.   Then upon validation of the information through your own tests, the information becomes "known" to you.   If the information is valid, then the laws and principles exhibited ten thousand years ago will prove themselves valid today and in the future. This method although sometimes tiring, transfers the power of knowledge to you. It is not the purpose of this work to bring about a condition causing one to become dependent upon someone else for his or her understanding.  All things are within; it's just a matter of finding where they are hidden.    

The Continuing Effort associated to the above-described attributes is an on-going process designed to transform the baser non-constructive attributes of humanity toward that of the more constructive attributes of humanity. 

This Effort does not interfere with other systems or religions, as in many cases; it will actually help you re-establish your connection to your own Spiritual Traditions. 

Consider the attributes of Love, Understanding, and Compassion.  In addition, consider Honesty, Honor, and Humility.  You will learn how each of these attributes apply, their nature, and how they are intertwined.  These are the Spiritual Attributes that for centuries most of humanity has sought.

In order to examine these subjects, we will be examining the not-so-constructive attributes observed throughout society and in many cases, within ourselves.

During our examination of the subject matter, we find that many areas of discord are a direct result of error, and others are an act of malice. Either the person we are interacting with, or ourselves may be the aggressor in the above actions. 

This work will release these burdens upon the individual through the process of Spiritual Transformation.

To bring this spirituality, or the conditions relating to a more harmonious existence, an application of a Spiritual process or "fire" in such a way as to transmute the baser elements of our character must be applied.  In doing so, the misunderstandings, judgments, old angers, fears, shame, and any other act that does not support the Spiritual Life will be transmuted into those attributes that support the Good Work.  These are Love, Understanding, and Compassion.   Are not these the representatives of everything that every religion, every good teacher, and every Good Angel would have us understand?

The purpose of this work is to provide the tools necessary so you can accomplish the Good Work yourself.  And in so doing find that fulfillment not previously manifested, becoming part of your daily lives.

While you are here, may I suggest that you visit the section titled "Letters"?  Here you'll be able to get more details on the nature of the Good Work and an idea of the nature of Spiritual Ascension .  If you find these items of interest and would like more information, please visit the "Classes and Events" section for location and times


 If you wish to see an actual public group healing in 2015 at Satori, where people reported their emotional items were dissolved, please use the following links.


Video Public Healing Session 2015


Transcription of the Public Healing Session 2015