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 Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer 2nd Edition Kindle e-book

Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer 2nd Edition Paperback
A New Perspective: A Study and Solution to the Symptoms and Emotional Impacts of Abuse Kindle Edition

Paperback now available.
Audible currently in production.
Taking Flight, The Shamanic Process II: A Shaman's Perspective

63 Stories from 2002 to 2009 updated 2016 for the purposes of indirect awakening.
Healer's Secrete of Successful Prayer Cover, The Shamanic Process II
Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer 2nd Edition
Edited from liner notes on Amazon (by Nancy Coneff)

Maybe you are asking yourself how this book could bring you anything new. What can be said that has not already been covered by other authors in the untold number of books on the subject? A fair question! Look more closely, and you’ll find this work to be worth your time.

Healer’s Secrets of Successful Prayer gives you information and methods you can put into practice very quickly.

What habits inhibit our ability to achieve successful prayer? The idea of separation fosters the illusion of isolation. When we adopt a habit of thinking we are separate from everything, we make it impossible for all that is benevolent to grant our request for peace profound.

The Secrets of Successful Prayer are found in all the major religions practiced for the last four or five thousand years. Belief in separation and isolation brings discord. Over millennia, Spiritual Teachers have been trying to resolve the discord and suffering of humanity brought on by a believed separation. The major Spiritual Teachers throughout history aimed to impart to us the gifts of Love, Understanding, and Compassion.

It seems all religious traditions generally agree on this basic idea: the essence of God is in our midst, within us and not separate.

Consider the possibility that, with every breath you breathe, there is so much Love, Understanding and Compassion available that you are given the opportunity to choose a Path of Light OR a Path of Darkness? Choice! The gift of Love, Understanding, and Compassion!

The key to exercising our Spiritual Qualities of Love and Compassion is to give permission for the Light and Love of God existing within us to express Itself fully. These Qualities are demonstrated in every breath we take, without which we would not be. Therefore, there is no possible way we can be outside of the Light and Love of God, as God’s benevolence shows forth in each breath we take.

Apart from belief systems, using terms not related to any specific religious tradition, Healer’s Secrets of Successful Prayer will help you lift yourself from a world of separation to a world of inclusion. Regardless of your religious or spiritual tradition, as you rise to view the world of inclusion, you’ll find the benevolence of all that is Holy and Righteous to be almost beyond belief.
As it has been said in the Christian tradition, the goal is to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven here by our Good and Holy Deeds in Love and Light. As we make simple modifications to our world view, we move away from the dim light of separation, bringing ourselves into the greater light of inclusion.

This change in world view is the choice which actively grants the benevolences permission to give us all things.

Our prayers may have seemed unsuccessful. But this is not a matter of fault in us, or our assumed guilt. Rather, it is a matter of process and procedure. Healer’s Secrets of Successful Prayer examines our true Nature. We learn to recognize the Qualities within us, bringing us back to inclusion, where we no longer consider ourselves separate from all that there is. Doing so makes it possible for our reality, our desires, to unfold as a consequence of our harmony with all that is benevolent.

Charles R. Crooks, a healer who has over 40 years of successful healing experience, and who has assisted countless individuals triumph over the emotional effects of trauma, now brings some of his knowledge to the public in his new book, A New Perspective:  A Study and Solution to the Symptoms and Emotional Effects of Abuse.

This book, along with another one of his books, Healer’s Secrets of Successful Prayer, provides an understanding of humanity’s intellectual processes and then gives the tools necessary to permanently and quickly resolve any seemingly unsurmountable past emotional traumas or fears.

Everyone can benefit from the simple and quick exercises that ingeniously reprogram areas in the brain responsible for defining and storing trauma and betrayal. Once fears and anxieties responsible for the disruption of the natural energy flow in the body are dissolved, healing will begin. Furthermore, memories will not generate an emotional response, but instead, will be synonymous with nothing more than a story in the morning paper. 


Welcome to the series of books from A Shaman’s Perspective™. These books are designed to inspire the reader to a greater “Spiritual” and/or “Awakened Understanding” of themselves and the world around them without necessarily exercising, supporting, and/or destroying any particular belief system.

This particular book was written in 2008 compiling a series of stories along with associated photographs and other artwork geared towards the process of awakening.  This book is not a how-to book; rather it contains series or stories which are designed to consider various subjects associated with adjusting one’s ideals and realities. 

Since its original publication, I have made some changes I hope you’ll find useful.

In order to continue the examination of this subject, we must also identify the name of the nature of that which is deemed perfect. For this effort I would like to use an example brought up by Elvis Presley during a television interview years ago. If my memory is clear on the subject, he was wearing the Cross, Star of David, the Ankh, and I believe the Islamic Crescent. The interviewer asked him why he was wearing the symbols of all the major religions. I believe his reply was “I did not want to get kicked out of Heaven on a technicality”. Not a bad idea when you think about it.

So, for definition, let us refer to the, and/or define “The Whole" and/or generic term of “God” as all existing prior to the universe and ourselves being brought into existence by “The Word”, and “The Word” continuing currently making possible the Universe, Stars, Space, Light, Matter, Life, and all things being about those things spoken of, including the many other life forms in addition to the many races of Sentient Beings including Humanity.

Since all things requiring the nature of “The Whole”, and being formed, perfection cannot be realized when perceived via those things formed, yet all things exist by virtue of said perfection permeating all things, including space itself. Because of this, we cannot be separate from all that there is, and being we are sentient and cognizant, then all things are within, being between the ears and behind the eyes. Therefore, the idea that we can be separate from “The Whole” or essence of “God” may be found to be an error extrapolated by the Intellect’s deductive reasoning using questionable variables instead of the constant of perfection, of which such perfection is out of reach of the Intellect.  Remember, the Intellect is formed, and being so in existence, rides upon the perfection of “The Whole” yet knows not of its nature and/or quality.

There is a process whereby an individual can become aware and/or cognizant of the perfection of “The Whole”, of which will be revealed elsewhere in this work.