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Our thinking affects our health, the health of others.  We can reverse or break some of the non-productive thinking patterns that are unhealthy should we choose to do so.

Our society places great emphasis on intellectual development. We need that intellectual development to function in our world today. This development requires us to look outside of ourselves for most of our reliable information.

While you are considering the previous statement, you might be thinking that there is something more. What could that be? So many of us are perfectly happy functioning  in an purely intellectual world.  Many do not seek to understand themselves other than to compare themselves to others.  They then attempt to conform to what is considered "the norm". Through our intellectual side we can make ourselves vulnerable to the whims of not so benevolent or positive individuals. In essence,  we can become slaves to every word or action of another so as to fit "the norm". For example, if person "A" doesn't like the way person "B" looks,  person "B" may become depressed, or angry, depending upon the disposition. Person "A" making the observation may be completely off base, but still person "B" reacts. If this reaction is negative in nature, and it has no real, lasting satisfaction. It will continue to feed upon itself until the person decides to change the attitude. If there is no resolution or balance in our thinking, in response to an action that is negative in nature, it can stay with us in memory regardless that its source is from someone else.

Resolution of negative thoughts may sometimes seem impossible, because events are complicated by a long process and may not be remedied directly.

Many scientific experiments have shown that the thought process can have effects upon ourselves and other people and things around us. A very negative thought will cause constriction of blood vessels increasing the blood pressure. If these thoughts are directed toward another, that person will also develop an uneasiness, and also may experience a constriction of the blood vessels or some other similar symptom. The same goes for animals. They have been known to respond to a person's negative thoughts.

A positive state of mind where thoughts of love, goodness, and benevolence toward all cause the body to relax, improving circulation, reducing tension, and promoting better health. This also opens the intuitive side of the mind so the heart may speak and these thoughts be felt as a loving attitude.

The key to changing a negative attitude is to find the balance. With the proper balance of the intellectual and the intuitive feelings of the inner self,  natural forces in the body can work without the inhibiting factors caused by the our individual, negative thinking.

Sometimes people will use certain visualizations or memories to get into a very positive, loving state of mind. These can be of angels, white light, a loving parent, positive individuals, or anything that inspires one to good feelings.

A simple test follows that you can use to prove these statements and conclusions to yourself. When you can, observe another person in the room. Without saying anything, or becoming obvious for a short period of time, think a very positive thought that generates a loving feeling within you. It doesn't have to be directed to anybody, but the important thing is to generate a very loving feeling. Observe the reaction of those around you, not to mention the pleasure you receive from such an exercise. You can even try this while walking down the street. You should see that some people will respond to you positively in some observable way, even if but an open glance in your direction.

The reason that the self test is directed toward a positive condition was that the negative would be unpleasant to yourself and those around you. Familiarity with the negative effects of one's actions may be well known, by comparison with positive exercises.

After you have completed this little test, you will have accomplished two things. The first is, that you prove to yourself the power of your mind in positive thought. You feel better. The second is, that the person that you observed is also feeling better—or, at least, in a better mood. Only in rare situations will the subject not respond positively and that is not your failure. The person is just too deep into a "funk."  If someone desires to remain in a funk, that is free choice and a right. If that is the case, find another person and test again.

When you are generating a loving thought, people's response will show that they are affected in some way. If you inquire, they might report that for some reason, they feel good about something, or feel optimistic but probably won't know why. Do not try to explain. Some people will not understand and may find the experience unnerving. They may feel that you are attempting to control them in one form or another. You are not controlling anything, you are only generating a loving environment which is accessible to all.

Observing other people benefiting from your loving thoughts, it would stand to reason that you are now functioning as a healer!

All living things are connected. When one acts in a loving manner, all are affected beneficially.

A method to break a habit is to change directions. Try to feel loving thoughts several times a day. As you continue practicing over a period of time with this exercise, it will eventually become automatic, and many other benefits will follow.

Do not be hard on yourself. Many people have started this work and have spent many hours being angry with themselves for missing an exercise. The intellectual side of ourselves, our judge of ourselves is the source of that anger. When this occurs, change direction in thought.

Get back into your loving feeling attitude! Restart the exercise! One of the attributes of a loving attitude is compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and tolerance. So be sure to not only love those around you, but also love yourself.

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