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This site is dedicated to those before us who have labored in the Good Work. Their past efforts throughout the endless ages have set  the stage for mankind's continual Spiritual Awakening.


The terms Good Work and Continuing Effort refers to the Spiritual Aspects of any effort carrying the attributes of;

 Love, Understanding, Compassion,

Honesty, Honor, and Humility.


The Means always justifies the Ends.



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Here is a true story with testimony on file. The names and associations have been changed for reasons of privacy. I attended a July afternoon outdoor wedding. Met with "WJ" who was hunched over using a walker with great difficulty. Even though the temperature was around 99 degrees, and the heat index was at 107 degrees, both her hands and wrists were numb and ice cold.  I offered to assist in restoring circulation in the hands. While in the back seat of a large SUV, I was able to bring improvement in one of the hands as to finger movement and feeling in about five minutes. It was then an agreement was made to return to do some more work within the week.


Returning within the week, I started working on her. Allot of old emotions were dissolved, and she felt stronger. By the end of the session (about 4 hours), she was able to stand straight up and without the walker.


Here is what she sent.


"Hi Cindy and Charles,

I have felt better than I have in a long time.

I'm still able to stand up straight and have been walking short distance without my walker.

I'm in awe of today. May God bless you both abundantly for all your kindness.

All my love for ever.

(Signature on file) "


This success is not a miracle. It was a matter of removing old emotional trauma, and beliefs preventing the natural energy flow in the body to maintain normal operations.

As I removed the emotional items, she noticed that her body extremities became "alive" "tingling". Other changes were also noticed during the session.



A copy of the most recent brochure is available here.


I would like to express my gratitude to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center for their permission to use some of the pictures I took at one of their photo-days. The owls, falcons and kestrels used in the book and on this website are from the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center. Their website is: http://bpraptorcenter.org

The Website rebuilding and redesign is 99% percent complete. [Under Construction]
Expect to have this project completed by the end of Nov 2013.  Charles
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