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This site is dedicated to those before us who have labored in the Good Work. Their past efforts throughout the endless ages have set  the stage for mankind's continual Spiritual Awakening.


The terms Good Work and Continuing Effort refers to the Spiritual Aspects of any effort carrying the attributes of: Love, Understanding, Compassion, Honesty, Honor, and Humility.


The Means always justifies the Ends.


Developer of the

Permanent Emotional / Trauma Removal Healing System TM

77% of Clients need only one Session!

Belief Is Not Required!

Local and Worldwide

Healer - Since 1974

Shaman - Since 1994

Teacher - Since 1997

Author - Since 2009


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Have added over twenty articles to the letters library. Have completed the listing for 2018 up to the End of October.



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Saturday March 23rd

Enchanted Energy Haven

Reading and Healing Work

Waxahachie 7:00 PM

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If you wish to see an actual public group healing in 2015 at Satori, where people reported their emotional items were dissolved, please use the following link.

 Video Public Healing Session 2015
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Healer's Secrets of Successful Prayer

Taking Flight, The Shamanic Process 2nd Edition, A Shaman's Perspective

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